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Car Accident Lawyer Hyattsville MD

Car Accident Lawyer Hyattsville, MD

car accident lawyer Hyattsville MDAs any car accident lawyer Hyattsville MD can offer will tell you, filing an injury claim with a company after a car crash can be one of the most stressful parts of the whole situation. Some people would even say that it’s more stressful than the crash itself!

At Cohen & Cohen, P.C., we understand that our clients are already dealing with plenty of stressful things following a vehicle accident. There may not be one “best” car accident lawyer Hyattsville MD has to offer, but our legal team strives for this kind of excellence. We have made it our mission to help clients feel more comfortable and confident when filing a car accident claim — and the drivers of Hyattsville know the value of this service.

One important and highly stressful part of any car accident claim that our clients talk about is dealing with an insurance company. More specifically, a common issue in many car accident claims is that the insurance company deliberately tries to deny victims the financial compensation that they deserve. This can be especially prevalent when another driver is at fault for the accident and you are filing a claim with his or her insurance company.

Insurance companies have three primary ways of avoiding car accident claim pay-outs:

  • Minimizing your injury or property damage.
  • Claiming that you do not have enough evidence.
  • Completely denying liability for the accident.

The first argument can be particularly frustrating when you have sustained a serious injury and you’re facing steep medical bills. When seeking help from a good car accident lawyer Hyattsville MD residents know that the assistance of an attorney can be very beneficial, especially in the case of a severe injury that will likely have chronic effects.

Claiming that there is a lack of evidence is another tactic that insurance companies may use against you. This is especially disheartening when you think about where car accidents most often occur: high-speed highways, where pedestrians are rare and where any drivers who witnessed the crash most likely drove away!

Lastly, it can be tough to prove that you are not liable for what happened, and this is often what insurance companies will focus on. Many Hyattsville MD car accident lawyers have dealt with car accident claims where the injured, victimized party made the tiniest mistake during a crash and the liable insurance company chose to fight responsibility, tooth-and-nail.

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There’s no guarantee that you will receive financial compensation after a car accident when you receive assistance from a car accident lawyer Hyattsville MD residents can turn to for help but the chances of getting compensation tend to be higher when you have this assistance. Insurance companies can be a nightmare to deal with, but the lawyers at a trustworthy law firm like Cohen & Cohen, P.C. know that good counsel will be able to address all of these issues — and more.

For more information, contact us today by calling our Maryland office at 301-250-1957, or simply visit our contact page on this site and fill out a short form. When you work with Cohen & Cohen, P.C., you can be sure that you’re working with a top car accident lawyer Hyattsville MD has to offer.

No matter how minor or how major, if you have been in an accident, call a car accident lawyer Hyattsville MD residents have come to trust.  Your peace of mind and your loved ones will thank you for protecting them and yourself.  While there are car accident situations that do not require a lawyer to help you out, there are many that do.  When you have a consultation with a caring and accomplished lawyer as soon after an accident as possible, you can start paving the way to making sure that you and your loved ones do not miss out on being compensated for injuries and damages that are the result of a car accident.  Having a trusted car accident lawyer Hyattsville MD community members have had on their teams before you, can help you win the game of justice.

It is the worst feeling to be quietly minding your own business while stopped at a stop sign, or going on a green light through an intersection on your way home from a long day when, BAM! Someone who was not paying attention to the road or someone who was driving recklessly and/or under the influence of alcohol or drugs, hits you.  It is also the worst feeling to be quietly minding your own business while driving home after a long day when you are shocked by the impact of hitting a car in front of you or in an intersection when you think it is your fault. Whether you think you are at fault or not, it is important to seek advice from someone who knows the law.  When at all possible, it is best to talk to a lawyer before you have to have extensive conversations with other parties involved, witnesses, and insurance companies. When you have a relationship with an excellent car accident lawyer Hyattsville, MD has had on its team before, you can start protecting your and your loved one’s rights at the onset of the unfortunate event.

No matter how minor or how major, whether you were at fault or not, an automobile accident is a hassle to deal with.  Accidents are almost always scary even if there is no visible damage to you or your vehicle.  When you have a reputable car accident lawyer Hyattsville MD residents have grown to trust, dealing with these fears and hassles is more comfortable than dealing with them on your own. Sometimes damages are not apparent until days or weeks after an accident. It is often time consuming and costly to get a car repaired.  When an insurance company is paying for damages caused in an auto accident, while it is wonderful to not have to chase an individual down who owes you money, insurance companies can be difficult to deal with.  They are notorious for low-balling their policyholders on the amount of money that is owed to them.  The professionals in the insurance industry know that when someone who has been through the stress, fear, and possible pain and/or damage to property that is the result of a car accident, that person is much more likely to settle for what seems, ‘close enough’ to what they are owed.  If you want to be protected from this and other unfortunate situations that arise from a car accident, call a car accident lawyer Hyattsville MD has been protected by for years.

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“I did not end up needing an attorney for the case, but let me say that these guys sure know their stuff. They are professional, friendly, give prompt responses, and the staff was super, super helpful. Wayne Cohen is one in a million, a lawyer who authentically cares for his clients. Thank you for such an amazing experience!”
Jessica L.
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