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A personal injury case is a civil action, which means that if have suffered an injury to yourself and a person or a business is found legally responsible for causing your injuries, the remedy comes in damages, which is money awarded to you and paid by the liable party (the defendant) to the injured party (the plaintiff).

Settlements and court awards in personal injury cases typically range from $3,000 to $75,000. But many factors can affect these numbers, which is why contacting a personal injury law firm in Washington DC is so important. A “tort” is a wrongful act or an infringement of a right (other than under contract) leading to civil legal liability. The four elements of tort law are duty, breach of duty, causation, and injury. In order to claim damages, a defendant must breach the duty toward the plaintiff, which results in an injury. There are three main types of torts, which are negligence, strict liability (product liability), and intentional torts.

When selecting a firm, you may also want to check out our Google reviews, left by hundreds of our clients. You have to find out more about our reputation here: Whether another person, company or large corporation is at fault, we won’t let anyone bully you out of the compensation you deserve. Our top-notch, Washington DC personal injury lawyer team is comprised of caring, compassionate, and dedicated men and women who have made it their life’s work to fight tirelessly for your rights.


What To do After A Washington DC Personal Injury?

If you have suffered a personal injury, or someone has suffered a personal injury while on your property in the Washington DC area, it may behoove you to get a personal injury Washington DC lawyer for a myriad of reasons. Personal Injury coverage is always excluded from a homeowners policy and it must be “endorsed” to the policy to provide coverage. Social media sites like Facebook, Yelp, Instagram, and others, put people at risk for personal injury claims. Similarly, if you have children, you are responsible for your children’s acts while they are on these sites as well. You may need a lawyer if you are involved in any way with a personal injury claim, given that we are in a litigious society and not getting adequate legal representation at the early stages could result in leaving a major hole in your pocketbook later on.

If you have suffered a personal injury, the amount of compensation available in your case will depend on both the nature of the injuries and the property damage/harm you have suffered. If you contact a personal injury lawyer, that personal injury attorney will make sure all your damages are thoroughly documented and then fight for you to receive full and fair compensation.

You may be due compensation for past and future medical costs, pain, and suffering, emotional distress, lost income, lost earning capacity, and/or property damage.

Sometimes, in the case of personal injuries as a result of a car crash, victims may try to secure compensation directly from the insurance companies, without the assistance of a lawyer. But this can turn out to be a costly mistake and could cost you thousands of dollars in compensation. If you say the wrong thing, even just one word, in your interactions with an insurance company, your claim can be reduced significantly and even denied.

The attorneys at Cohen & Cohen are well-versed in the nuances of liability law, which apply to different types of personal injury cases in the greater Washington DC area.

Personal Liability vs Personal Injury:

One big issue with personal injury cases is that many people get personal injury and personal liability conflated.

Personal Liability: In the event of an accident, in or out of your home, that results in bodily injury or property damage you are held legally responsible for it. Personal liability claims may include medical bills, legal fees, and more if a guest at your home is injured on your property. An example would be if someone gets injured at your house from falling up or down your stairs. A claim may also include coverage for accidental damage you are legally responsible for on someone else’s property. If you do have personal liability coverage, you may be able to avoid paying out of pocket for incidents. Personal liability insurance can be included in your homeowner’s insurance or renters insurance policy.

Personal Injury: Involves bodily injury or property damage. This includes false arrest, detention, or imprisonment; malicious prosecution; wrongful eviction; slander; libel; and invasion of privacy. Personal injury can be a person who has suffered harm to his or her body or mind.

What Constitutes a Personal Injury Claim?

Personal injury claims come in all shapes and sizes, and you might even hear a DC personal injury lawyer call them “torts.”  Every personal injury or tort claim, regardless of its basis, whether intentional, negligent, or strict liability has two basic issues—liability and damages.

Liability: Legal obligation of one party to a victim as a result of a civil wrong or injury.

Cause:  Confirming that the liability caused the damages.

Damages: The sum of money the law imposes for a breach of some duty or violation of some right.

  • Compensatory Damages: Money paid to compensate the injured party based on his or her loss or injury.
  • Punitive damages: Money paid to the victim as a punishment to the wrongdoer (used for intentional torts typically).

Essentially, any personal injury lawyers Washington DC has to offer will know that a personal injury claim has to answer the following questions: was the defendant (company, employer, wrongdoer, etc.) liable for the sustained damages? If so, what is the extent and nature of the damages? A good DC personal injury lawyer will be able to listen to your concerns, empathize with the situation the wrongdoer has put you in, and be able to determine the fair and just compensation you deserve to get you back on your feet.

DC Personal Injury Law Infographics

DC Personal Injury Law Infographics

For instance, if you work in a warehouse and become paralyzed due to a failure in your company’s safety regulations, the type of experienced personal injury lawyer Washington DC workers should seek would recognize that you are not only entitled to compensation for your lost wages and medical bills, but also punitive damages for the loss of the use of your legs.  At Cohen & Cohen, we pride ourselves on being staffed with DC personal injury lawyers who will work tirelessly to assess the specific aspects of your case and calculate the compensation you and your loved ones deserve.

DC Personal Injury Lawyers with Experience

For decades, Cohen & Cohen has housed many a top personal injury lawyer Washington DC is proud to have to fight for its community. We know that getting the justice you deserve can be a scary and confusing process. But fear not, our firm has some of the most experienced and passionate DC personal injury lawyers who know the ins and outs of the litigation process and are dedicated to keeping you informed along each step of the way. Whether it be a slip and fall, car accident, or even wrongful death, our team has gone to bat for our clients through any kind of case you can imagine. We know how to spot the scare tactics big companies, employers, and even defense firms will throw at you, and we are not afraid to push back against that kind of bullying. Furthermore, we know how to find the evidence your opposition is trying to keep from you. The discovery process alone can be a mountain of paperwork under which a company will try and hide its wrongdoing. A top personal injury lawyer Washington DC residents should look for–like those on the Cohen & Cohen team–knows how to sort through that kind of a mess and find the needle in the haystack to win your case. Finally, we know how the specifics of your case, and the evidence brought forth in discovery, and see it through the litigation process to achieve a satisfying verdict or settlement that you and your loved ones deserve.

Tips for Picking a Washington DC Personal Injury Lawyer:

#1. Do your research: Not every personal injury law firm has your best interest at heart. Many are just looking to make a quick buck off of your case. This often leads to you getting paid far less than you and your loved ones deserve. Instead, find a DC personal injury attorney who listens to you; cares about your story, and is dedicated to keeping you informed during every step of the process.

#2. Look for a firm with a long history in the community or jurisdiction: Firms like these know their stuff. They attract the kind of personal injury lawyer Washington DC residents deserve. Their clout in the community, their relationship with the court, and their understanding of the unique circumstances that affect Washington DC and Metro area residents is an unbeatable combination and will yield the highest personal injury payouts.

#3. Look at their awards and accolades: The legal community acknowledges excellence and achievements through a variety of awards and publications. Look for firms that have a long list of top performances, impressive verdict/settlement payouts, and recognized personal injury attorneys.

DC Personal Injury Law Statistics

Washington D.C is known for its high volume of traffic, and thus the city has a relatively high rate of motor vehicle accidents compared to other cities. The high population density and high rate of the vehicle and pedestrian accidents often lead to personal injury claims. Additionally, the city’s large number of tourists and visitors may also contribute to the number of accidents in the city.

Motor vehicle injuries are the second-highest cause of fatalities with 12.4 people per 100,000 population each year in the US. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), last year there were an estimated 38,800 deaths resulting from motor vehicle crashes. Additionally, there were an estimated 4.4 million people injured in motor vehicle crashes that same year.

There are many factors that contribute to the high number of car accidents in the US, including distracted driving, drunk driving, speeding, and poor road conditions. Efforts to reduce the number of car accidents in the US include increased enforcement of traffic laws, public education campaigns, and improvements in vehicle safety technology.

Accident-Related Expenses

What kind of accident-related expenses can I get reimbursed from the negligent party responsible for my injuries?

As one of the best personal injury attorneys in Washington DC provides, Wayne Cohen has helped thousands of victims recover their damages. Depending on the nature of your accident and the costs you’ve already incurred or will incur, you may be eligible to recover the following damages:

Monetary Damages

  • Past, current, and anticipated medical costs. This may include everything from ambulance transportation to surgery to rehabilitation and anything in between. The best personal injury attorneys in Washington DC victims turn to in similar cases and may review your itemized expenses (and estimated future expenses) to determine what damages qualify.
  • Wages you haven’t been able to earn because of your injuries. For some, they may lose days of work; for others, they could be facing months or even years of lost wages. Or, it’s possible that you can return to work but are unable to work your regular job and have to take a pay cut as a result. These are all expenses that some of the best personal injury attorneys Washington DC residents choose to represent them may take into account when fighting for damage compensation.
  • Personal property was damaged in the accident. For example, if you were walking and had a laptop in your backpack, which had been broken in a slip-and-fall accident, the at-fault party might be held responsible for the cost of the repairs or replacement of your laptop. Personal property may also include your vehicle, electronic devices, clothing, etc.

Non-Monetary Damages

  • Pain and suffering. Sadly, it’s common for victims of serious accidents to experience severe emotional and mental trauma. Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is another common result for victims. If, for example, your injuries resulted from a car accident and you are now unable to drive again for psychological reasons, you might be compensated for that.
  • Punitive damages. This is less common than the other types of damages claimed in most accident cases. Punitive damages are intended to punish the guilty person, usually for intentionally and willfully trying to harm a victim. This type of damage may be awarded in addition to the damages listed above. As your attorney, Wayne Cohen may advise you on whether or not your case merits seeking punitive damages.

Punitive Damages

Punitive damages are granted in a very limited amount of cases, in which the court deems it appropriate to instruct the jury to grant punitive damages. These damages are rare because their main purpose is to serve as a punishment for an egregious form of conduct, thereby deterring others from conducting in the same manner in the future. Punitive damages are only allowed when the court allows such an issue to proceed. These damages are awarded in an extremely limited number of cases and under very rare circumstances. When a court allows the issue of punitive damages to move forward to the jury, the jury is given specific instructions in regard to the factors necessary to award punitive damages.

As the Washington DC injury lawyers of Cohen & Cohen know, punitive damages are almost never granted in personal injury cases. It is very rare for a jury to even be allowed to consider awarding these damages. On the rare occasion that a case does qualify for punitive damages, the jury awards punitive damages in correspondence with the instructions for the jury.

Compensatory Damages

Economic and non-economic damages are the two forms of compensatory damages. Economic damages are expenses that resulted directly from the accident. Non-economic damages depend upon the losses and abuses sustained by the victim.


Because economic damages are explicit, they are easier to determine than non-economic damages. Economic damages include:

The total sum of medical bills (including past, present, and future): Medical bills from the past are simple to count, as a DC personal injury attorney understands. However, victims who have not fully recovered may need additional medical treatments in the future, so those costs need to be predicted.

Loss of income: Determining the amount of income that was lost before the settlement or trial is quite straightforward, which may include lost benefits (medical, dental, etc.). However, disability to the patient that lasts beyond the trial, as well as additional loss of wages, needs to be predicted.


Pain and suffering: While this concept may be relatively easy to grasp, it is often the cause of serious conflict between defendants and plaintiffs. Usually, the defense tries to downplay the harms and losses suffered by the victim, as this lowers the compensation that will be rewarded. For this reason, the plaintiff’s DC personal injury attorney should compile a solid case with the necessary documentation to convey the true level of losses suffered by the victim, as well as the span of time the victim suffered. There are various forms of pain and suffering that may be factored into this loss, including mental suffering, damage to the victim’s professional and/or personal reputation, emotional suffering, and the potential worsening of those losses. As a DC personal injury attorney knows well, “pain” is not easily quantifiable, so damages for pain and suffering are often difficult to determine and even more difficult to negotiate.

Loss of consortium: This refers to the loss of love or cares that a family member or loved one provides. While this may seem vague, there are actuarial tables that can calculate these losses. It may be helpful to consult with an experienced DC personal injury attorney of Cohen & Cohen as to whether or not a victim will be able to return to their chosen profession, or any other job, after a serious injury.

FAQs For DC Personal Injury Lawyers

When you’ve been unexpectedly injured due to the negligence of another person, it’s a good idea to find out what a personal injury lawyer Washington DC trusts has to say. At Cohen & Cohen, we understand you may have a lot of questions about what your legal options may be. As a well-respected DC law firm, we aim to help our clients navigate the legal system in effective ways. Through aggressive representation and decades of experience, we work tirelessly to get clients maximum compensation. To discuss your case with a Washington DC personal injury lawyer now, please call Cohen & Cohen

After a personal injury, you may have several questions about what steps to take in order to safeguard your personal and financial wellbeing. It is our objective to provide you with helpful information to move forward. Some of the most common questions we get from clients, and their respective answers, are as follows:

Who can be held liable?

To determine accurate liability, a personal injury lawyer in Washington DC should investigate all available pieces of evidence. There could be more than one party responsible for your injury and may include an employer, doctor, drug manufacturer, driver of another vehicle, hospital, and so forth.

Should I sign anything?

Prior to making any oral or written agreements you should contact a personal injury lawyer Washington DC depends on for sound legal advice. By signing a document, such as a release, you may put yourself at risk of being unable to recover damages. A capable law firm, such as Cohen & Cohen may help to ensure that your rights are fully protected and that you don’t get anything less than what you deserve.

I am partially at fault for my personal injuries. Can I still pursue a claim?

This particular situation will be dependent upon your local jurisdiction and state. Sometimes, when partial negligence is involved, a claim is not pursuable. However, most areas maintain the ability for victims to still file a claim for compensation, which could be decreased in accordance with the victim’s degree of carelessness.

What will a lawyer cost me?

At Cohen & Cohen, we take personal injury claims based on contingency. This means you are not required to pay anything upfront. Instead, you would only pay if and when the case results in a settlement.

How soon should I file a legal claim?

Realistically you should speak with a personal injury lawyer in Washington DC offers as soon as possible. Personal injury claims must be filed within a certain time period. Failing to meet this deadline can restrict your ability to recover monetary damages.

How much is my case worth?

It’s impossible to say how much a case is worth without actually speaking to a personal injury lawyer Washington DC relies on. The worth of your claim may depend on the extent of your injuries, the underlying factors, insurance limits, the defendant, and more. A straightforward claim may enable you to receive compensation for:

  • Past, ongoing, and future medical bills
  • Lost wages
  • Loss of earning capacity
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional anguish
  • Punitive damages (when applicable)

What Damages Can You Recover After an Injury Accident?

If you want some of the best personal injury lawyers Washington DC may offer, contact us at Cohen & Cohen immediately. If you’ve been seriously injured through no fault of your own, you may wish to seek legal advice without delay. Medical bills can add up very quickly and you may also be missing work during your recovery. Don’t wait to get a lawyer to fight for your rights.

As one of the best personal injury attorneys in Washington DC, Wayne Cohen may help you recover damages from the responsible party. Call our DC office at (202) 955-4529 to schedule a free consultation. For now, here is an answer to one of the most common questions we hear from personal injury victims.

How To Find the Best Injury Lawyer DC Has To Offer

Are you looking for the best injury lawyer DC has to offer?  Well, no lawyer can or should make the statement he/she is the best injury lawyer DC has to offer.  The term “best” is highly subjective.  However, at Cohen & Cohen, our partners collectively have more than 100 years of experience handling personal injury claims.  We have appeared on ABC, NBC, CBS, the Today Show, Good Morning America, and numerous other television, newspaper, and media outlets.  So are we the best injury lawyer DC has to offer?  That’s for you to decide!  But check out our credentials to learn more about who we are.

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“My experience with Cohen and Cohen surpassed my expectations. Since the first day that I called, I was helped. Great customer service overall and every single person that I spoke to was amazing. The team at Cohen and Cohen was very understanding and kept me in the loop with what was going on with my case. Today my case was closed and I’m happy with the outcome. Thank you all for everything. Thank you for all your hard work. 10 stars!” – Atiuq N.

Our DC Personal Injury Attorney Team Can Help!

Don’t let yourself or your loved ones get bullied out of the compensation you deserve. Cohen & Cohen is a firm dedicated to making sure your rights are looked after. From beginning to end, our skilled team will work with you to make sure you understand every step of the litigation process. We empathize with the pain and suffering you’re going through and will work tirelessly to make sure that every ounce of evidence proving your case makes its way in front of the court, so the right verdict or settlement is awarded. Don’t settle for just any DC personal injury attorney. Your life and livelihood are more important than that. You deserve to have someone experienced and passionate fighting in your corner. The top-notch personal injury lawyer Washington DC deserves is just a phone call away; contact us.

Personal Injury Law and Negligence

Personal injury cases can be complicated to prove because there are often many different facets and parties that can potentially be involved in causing a personal injury. Many personal injury cases involve the negligence of one or more people or entities.

In order to win a personal injury lawsuit, the plaintiff (or the plaintiff’s lawyer/s) must prove the following:

  • The defendant had a duty of care toward the plaintiff (e.g. a doctor or taxi driver)
  • The defendant breached their duty of care toward the plaintiff
  • The defendant’s breach of their duty of care caused the plaintiff’s injuries
  • The plaintiff suffered damages as the result of the defendant’s breach of their duty of care

If you or someone close to you is a victim of what you think is a personal injury, the dedicated team at Cohen & Cohen, has a good reputation as a personal injury law firm Washington D.C. feels lucky to have on its side.

Personal injury lawsuits are typically the result of someone’s negligence toward another, or when they cause bodily injury or harm to another. If you think you might have a personal injury case, talk to a top personal injury attorney Washington DC has to offer. Personal injuries can cause physical and/or mental damage to the person who suffers from them. Physical personal injury can include but is not limited to: disability, permanent or disfiguring scars, loss of one of the five senses, disfigurement of the body, and loss of limb. Mental harm that is the result of someone or something injuring you includes but is not limited to: mental anguish or anxiety, emotional trauma, embarrassment, loss of enjoyment, or post traumatic stress disorder. All of the above plus others not identified here, are reasons to talk to the Washington DC injury lawyers of Cohen & Cohen.

Many people have been raised or socialized to be polite, accommodating, and to not rock the boat. If you are like this and you are injured by someone or something other than yourself, you might be thinking that you will just get over this problem like you always do; there’s no need to be aggressive and seek out a top personal injury attorney Washington DC recommends to its people. Whether your injuries were caused by accident, neglect, malicious intent, or a defect in a product’s design, production or labeling, you have the right to seek compensation for economic and non-economic damages. If you live in Washington DC you must prove that you have been injured by another party’s irresponsible or negligent actions in order to win a personal injury claim.

Do not be a victim of your own politeness. Washington DC has a statute of limitations that applies to all personal injury cases. In order to protect your right to file suit, it is important that you consult a knowledgeable and humanitarian personal injury attorney if you think for even the briefest moment that you might have a claim. It is important to speak to a skilled personal injury attorney Washington DC trusts as soon as possible after an injury. Many companies, parties, and individuals who have been at fault in cases of causing someone else a personal injury, will tamper with an accident scene to remove evidence of their negligence or fault.

Washington DC has a statute of limitations that applies to all personal injury cases. There is a limited time frame in which a victim can file a case and it is important to seek out a personal injury attorney Washington DC respects right after your injury occurs, in order to protect your right to file suit. If you do not talk to an attorney who understands the laws that affect your ability to get the care and compensation you deserve, you may miss out on this right.

Do not be a victim like so many others who have suffered because of someone else’s negligence or malice. Adrenaline often masks the pain of an injury right after it occurs and we do not realize how injured we really are, sometimes until days or weeks after the injury. Many of us do not want to acknowledge the negative impact an injury is having on us, or the reality that the pain/immobility is not going away. Do not miss out on the opportunity to provide for yourself and your family in the event of a personal injury caused by others. Even though it might feel extreme at the time of an injury, invest in your future by calling an experienced personal injury attorney Washington DC relies on. Cohen & Cohen is here to help!

Choose Cohen & Cohen

If you’ve landed on this page, odds are you or a loved one has suffered a catastrophic personal injury, and you need help from a personal injury lawyer DC residents have turned to for decades. The decision you make in selecting the right lawyer for your case is imperative, and we encourage you to do your homework before selecting a personal injury attorney. Here are 5 things to know about our firm:

  1. Wayne Cohen, our founding partner, began the practice of law in 1991 and founded the firm in 1993. Wayne was born in Washington, D.C., and raised in the Washington Metropolitan area. A former boxer, Wayne understands how important it is for clients of the firm to understand that they are incompetent hands when they have a personal injury case.
  2. Together with his partners Jill Stanley, Adam Leighton, and Kim Brooks Rodney, Wayne, and the team have had appearances on ABC, NBC, CBS, the Today Show, Good Morning America, CNN, USA Today, the Washington Post, Jet Magazine, the Boston Globe, the LA Times, and many, many more. For decades so many man members of the press have sought comment about the firm’s cases, and other cases, and have turned to the competence of the personal injury lawyers at the firm.
  3. The firm is very, very proud of its reviews. Like you, each of our clients began the scary process of finding a lawyer by turning to the internet. Take a minute, and Google the phrase: “cohen and cohen Washington dc” and, as of April 10, 2022, you’ll see hundreds of reviews.
  4. Wayne Cohen and Kim Brooks Rodney have been identified by Washingtonian Magazine as two of the top personal injury lawyers in this area over, and over, and over again. They have regularly been called “the best” and “the top” repeatedly.
  5. Partner Kim Brooks Rodney worked for the insurance industry for roughly two decades, before changing sides and fighting for the rights of injured victims. Ask yourself, if you’re fighting against an insurance company (almost all cases have insurance), don’t you want a law that truly understands how to get the most compensation from insurance companies as quickly as possible?

Being seriously injured after an accident is bad enough, but it’s worse if you have to cover the costs yourself. You have the legal right to seek damages from the party responsible for your injury. For a free consultation with some of the best personal injury attorneys Washington DC has in the city, contact Cohen & Cohen today.

As an experienced DC personal injury attorney may tell you, the value of a personal injury lawsuit following an accident caused by someone else’s negligence is heavily debated. Interestingly, the various damages the injured party might seek are reasonably straightforward. Determining a fair value, on the other hand, is much more challenging. There are various parties – including the defendant or at-fault party – who need to be persuaded that the injured plaintiff’s claim is rightful and is thus owed monetary compensation. As a DC personal injury attorney may attest, it is helpful to understand the different kinds of damages themselves, which are divided into two main categories: punitive damages and compensatory damages.

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"My experience with Cohen & Cohen was beyond my expectations. Jill did an amazing job with negotiating on my behalf and got me way more money than I anticipated. Thank you for having my back."
L Proctor
Client Review

"I am very pleased with the outcome of my case. I received more than the amount that I originally thought and am very satisfied with how my case turned out. Jill, the attorney working on my case did an excellent job advocating for me to the insurance company and getting me a good settlement. A special shout out to Bryan Moran, who always kept me posted on the updates of my case and was always super responsive to my questions. They are a really thoughtful team, I would definitely recommend to my friends and family."
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Cohen & Cohen has an  impeccable Client Satisfaction Rating with hundreds of
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Cohen & Cohen has an  impeccable Client Satisfaction Rating with hundreds of
5 STAR Reviews. We are among the best-rated firms in the areas we serve.

L Proctor
August 30, 2022.
My experience with Cohen &Cohen was beyond my expectations. Jill did an amazing job with negotiating on my behalf and got me way more money than I anticipated. Thank you for having my back.
Ebony Stoutmiles
June 23, 2022.
To say that I am happy with the outcome of my case is the understatement of the century! Jill Stanley is a BEAST at what she does. That is the only way to explain it. She takes no prisoners. She and her team are very skilled and knowledgeable. I am so happy I trusted them to do their job and rolled with Jill's suggestions. I would choose Jill again 100 times. She settled my case for more than I imagined I would receive. I was literally in tears. It is the best feeling to know my pain isn't for naught. Wayne Cohen and Kristopher Yorke were nothing short of amazing. They have the patience of saints. I'm 100% certain that I got on their last nerves with my frustration and tears at every other call I had with them. Being in pain and wanting to just be able to heal was all I could focus on, but they helped me realize that I also had to focus on the bigger picture (the case) so I could put this piece behind me. As a high-strung individual with anxiety, it was hard for me to not worry and let them do their jobs, but they reassured me all of the time that they had this. To be injured before the start of the pandemic and have to receive regular, weekly treatment while others are able to stay home is anxiety inducing. I was in pain, I was anxious, and I was just hoping it all worked out. It more than worked out. I hope Jill, Siri, and Kris know how much their hard work and "hanging in there" meant to me. I am eternally grateful. I can't recommend you all enough. If you choose this law firm, you won't be sorry!
Beloved Temple
June 3, 2022.
I was very pleased with the handling of my case and settlement with Cohen& Cohen. I appreciate them, would highly recommend them.
willie howell
May 25, 2022.
Jose Rivera
May 25, 2022.
The legal team at cohen & cohen did a great job I really appreciate the hard work on gating my compensation in a fair amount of time. Special thanks to Kris for a wonderful job
Lea Harvey
May 25, 2022.
I had a great experience with the team at Cohen & Cohen. From my intake attorney, Adam, to the paralegal, Bryan, who worked with me regularly for months to document and prepare my case, to Jill, the attorney who secured my settlement, I feel fortunate to have had their representation and expertise on my side.
Cameron Galloway (HustleDaGod)
May 19, 2022.
Kris was phenomenal. Spectacular communication & knowledge in regards to my case. Would definitely return if I needed more legal services. 100% definitely recommend.

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