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Car Accident Lawyer College Park MD

A Car Accident Lawyer College Park MD Chooses

Car Accident Lawyer College Park MDWhen you need a car accident lawyer College Park MD has many choices and it is important to hire the right one. The firm of Cohen and Cohen P.C. Attorneys has years of experience and many satisfied clients. We can guide you through the often confusing and stressful process of making a claim and collecting the financial settlement that you deserve.

A Solid Reputation

Previous clients who were in search of a College Park MD car accident lawyer testify to how satisfied they were with how Cohen and Cohen served their needs and their level of service. Regular and consistent communication between client and lawyer is extremely important. If you are the victim of a car accident, you will likely have many questions and concerns. You may be also dealing with medical issues as well as legal issues. Insurance companies are not always prompt with payments to their clients and can be difficult to communicate with or resolve issues. Many Cohen and Cohen clients have voiced their appreciation of how our attorneys respond to their questions.

Cohen and Cohen has a solid reputation as a car accident lawyer College Park MD trusts, that works hard while representing their clients. We make the process of filing a claim as fast and easy as possible. We do not believe in drawing out the process and agony that can follow an auto accident, and we understand that the faster you can put the event behind you, the faster you can move on with your life.


A car accident lawyer in College Park MD should have the knowledge, experience, and the compassion necessary to help victims. Being in an accident is traumatic enough. Add to that the possibility of serious injuries, dealing with unhelpful insurance companies, and possibly an uninsured at-fault driver, and you’ve got a lot to deal with on your own. You shouldn’t have to. Cohen and Cohen is there for you.

When choosing a car accident lawyer College Park MD residents want, a firm with the experience and expertise can make a huge difference. Cohen and Cohen has numerous clients who speak about their positive interactions with the law firm. They express their appreciation for their lawyer’s professionalism and ability to get the job done right and quickly.

Contact a Car Accident Lawyer College Park MD Trusts

If you have been in an accident in the Maryland area, you want a College Park MD car accident lawyer who actually cares about their clients and will work hard for them. Cohen and Cohen will make sure that you understand each step of the process, and are at all times aware of your claim’s progress and what will happen next. We will make every effort to expedite the process so that you receive just compensation and can get on with your life. We will streamline the steps necessary to achieve the positive outcome that you may think isn’t possible. Contact us; we are the car accident lawyer College Park MD trusts.

Client Review

“I can’t say enough about the staff at Cohen & Cohen, especially Janice, Kira, and David. They were pleasant to work with and made sure I was kept up-to-date at all times. Highly recommend!”
Tiffany Thacker
Client Review

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