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Car Accident Lawyer DC

A Car Accident Lawyer DC Needs

Car Accident Lawyer DCCohen and Cohen, P.C. is a car accident lawyer DC needs when it comes to successfully representing accident victims. Our attorneys on staff have won many cases on behalf of our clients. In addition to winning settlements, we have also successfully litigated court cases for car accident victims.

You may find yourself overwhelmed when trying to choose a car accident lawyer DC drivers believe in. That’s understandable. At Cohen and Cohen, we want to offer you four key traits to look for when searching for the best auto accident lawyer DC has to offer.

  1. Thorough Preparation
    No matter how simple a case may seem on the surface, our attorneys have learned from experience that every case comes with its own set of unique obstacles and challenges. That is why meticulous preparation of each individual case is critically important. It begins with your free consultation during which, one of our legal experts will discuss your case with you. Not every car accident lawyer DC has in its ranks takes the time necessary to prepare a winning strategy. Cohen and Cohen understands how important this truly is; and that is one reason why we are as successful as we are.
  2. Attention to Detail
    The attorneys at Cohen and Cohen know that the details can make or break a case. Not only does this mean that we are dedicated to maintaining excellent filing, motions, and trial/settlement practices; but more importantly, that we want to understand every detail of your case to build the best argument for you. An average car accident lawyer DC drivers may hire might not be able to identify these unique facets because they are either unable or unwilling to put in the time and effort. However, our team will work with you to complete a thorough investigation of your case; leaving no stone unturned, nor theory untested. At your free consultation, a Cohen and Cohen lawyer will discuss your case with you to begin establishing which details you find most important.
  3. Knowledge of the Community
    Not every car accident lawyer in DC has strong ties to the community. When an attorney is invested in their community, they are more likely to fight harder for their clients. In knowing the community, they can have more insight and local knowledge about how things work. The attorneys at Cohen and Cohen are longtime residents of Washington D.C. who have been very involved in not only the DC legal world, but local outreach as well. They care about their community, and that translates into an overwhelming respect and empathy for the people they represent.
  4. Knowledge of the Law
    In most states, a statute of limitations exists which determines how long a person has to file a claim. In some states, you have more time than in others. There may also be different rules depending on whether a car accident involves a government vehicle, or a diplomat from another country. Cohen and Cohen attorneys are familiar with the statute of limitations and how your particular circumstances may affect the deadline. Immediately contacting a car accident lawyer DC residents trust, like Cohen and Cohen, is the best way to make sure your claim gets filed in time.

Questions to Ask an Attorney When Looking for Representation

For most people, being involved in an auto accident is incredibly stressful and emotional. Thinking rationally may be challenging, especially if you are suffering from injuries as a result of that accident. When looking for the kind of qualified car accident lawyer DC accident victims need, there are several questions you should consider asking them:

  1. Are they a car accident lawyer DC auto accident victims have hired and successfully won cases with? If they are just starting out in their careers, they may not have a sufficient winning record.
  2. Do they tend to litigate or settle most of their cases? At Cohen and Cohen we have extensive experiences in either case conclusion. Our main focus is getting your the best verdict/settlement compensation you deserve.
  3. Are they a car accident lawyer DC government agencies, courts, and the local legal field are familiar with? Because of Cohen and Cohen’s years of experience, we are well known as being a thorough and successful Plaintiff’s firm. We have developed good working relationships with the courts, government agencies, and the legal field. This kind of name recognition gives us a leg up when it comes to fighting for your rights.

Contact a Car Accident Lawyer DC Trusts

Car accidents occur in DC all the time. You need an attorney who will represent you as if you were family and not just another client. You need a legal representative who is dedicated to winning the case on your behalf. When you are looking for a car accident lawyer DC recommends, call the firm that will have your best interest in mind — Cohen and Cohen, P.C.

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