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Car Accident Lawyer Silver Spring MD

A Car Accident Lawyer Silver Spring MD Can Believe In

Car Accident Lawyer Silver Spring MDYou’ve been injured in a car accident. The first thing you do is call a car accident lawyer Silver Spring MD believes in to fight for your rights while addressing your concerns and questions. At Cohen & Cohen, P.C., we are proud to take on that fight for you.

But what, precisely, can a car accident lawyer in Silver Spring MD do for you when you get in a wreck? Let’s go over some of the basic elements of the high quality services we provide.

Defending Your Rights After A Car Accident:

One of the most important services that any car accident lawyer Silver Spring MD has to offer should provide, is representation of your interests before the insurance companies in play. Despite the commercials that suggest your insurance company is a good neighbor that will help you save on car insurance, many insurance companies have only one goal: to protect their bottom line. When you get in an accident — regardless of who was at fault — you cost the insurance agency money. For that reason, the insurance companies will work hard to make sure you get the least amount of money possible for your injuries, even if that means that the expenses incurred as a result of your injuries aren’t covered.

An Experienced Car Accident Lawyer – Silver Spring MD

That’s where an experienced car accident lawyer Silver Spring MD residents turn to comes in. We, at Cohen & Cohen, P.C., understand the various ways we can fight on your behalf. We will work hard to push back against the devastating cuts imposed by insurance companies on your claim, so that you can get the compensation you deserve. Most of all, we’re dedicated to achieving the best settlement/verdict that your case warrants.

Furthermore, an experienced car accident lawyer Silver Spring MD residents should look to in their time of need should also be able to address the unique requirements that different kinds of car accidents yield. No two car accidents are alike — some car accidents are caused by driver negligence (such as “texting and driving” cases), while others are caused by mechanical failure (i.e., the brakes on the car fail), and still others are caused by the negligent actions of an intoxicated driver. All of these accidents require specialized legal understanding. That’s where an experienced Cohen & Cohen, Silver Spring car accident lawyer can work for you. We take the time to precisely address each of your needs (such as collecting your medical bills, defending your rights in court, or speaking on your behalf to the other party’s insurance agency). Best of all, our car accident lawyers work on a contingency basis; there’s no fee for any of our services unless we recover money for you.

Contact A Car Accident Lawyer Silver Spring MD

So if you’ve been injured in a car accident, and are worried about getting pushed around by a big insurance company, don’t delay; contact a Cohen & Cohen, P.C., car accident lawyer Silver Spring MD residents trust to care for their legal rights, today!

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“This is a great firm! They really worked with me and showed compassion! The staff is very respectful. Sarah, Janice and David all made sure that I understood everything during the process. I’m definitely a satisfied client!”
Kenedra Burton
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