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Medical Malpractice Lawyers

Medical Malpractice Attorney Washington, DC

Medical Malpractice

Medical Malpractice Attorney Washington, DC

Medical malpractice lawyers in Washington D.C. to help injured patients. When a doctor or nurse, or any heath care professional, causes injury or death because of a negligent act or a failure to act, it is called medical malpractice. Health care professionals have the responsibility to provide treatment that is considered to be at an acceptable standard within the medical community. Negligent actions fall below the acceptable standard of care are thus not acceptable for doctors or nurses.

Most cases of medical malpractice include some sort of medical error, which is a preventable negative effect of the heath care professional’s care. Medical errors can include incomplete or inaccurate diagnosis, incomplete or inaccurate treatment of a disease or condition, an injury resulting from care, or a new syndrome, infection, behavior, or ailment. Medical errors are frequently described as human errors within the healthcare field because they happen when a healthcare professional uses an inappropriate medical method or carries out an appropriate method in an inappropriate way.

In 2000, the United States Institute of Medicine issued a report saying that every year, between 44,000 and 98,000 deaths occur every year because of medical errors and about one million injuries occur as a result of medical errors each year. In 2006, the Institute of Medicine issued a follow-up study, which found that at least 1.5 million people were harmed every year by medication errors.

In order to prove your entitlement to compensation in a medical malpractice trial, in most states you must be able to prove four aspects of the health care professional’s negligence. You first must prove that because the hospital or health care provider took you on as a patient, they legally owed you service. You must then prove that the provider failed to provide the medically accepted standard of care. Then you must prove that the failure to conform to the standard of care directly caused an injury to your person. Finally, you must prove that you experienced damage and the damage you experienced was the direct result of the failure to provide adequate service. Please note that each state is different so do not rely on this information but rather consult with an attorney like the personal injury lawyers Washington DC trusts to handle medical malpractice cases.

Misdiagnosed Medical Conditions

medical-malpractice-lawyerDoctor’s have historically been put on a pedestal by patients they have helped to heal. People often trust that doctors will always give more than their “all” towards their health and the health of their loved ones. After years of education, training, residencies and internships, we hope that we are putting our care into the “best” hands possible when we listen to and follow a doctor’s instructions on their recommended course for our health care.

If you are concerned that you have a medical condition that has been misdiagnosed, having the successful law team of Cohen & Cohen on your side can help to ease your stress and anxiety- while helping to maximize the potential for your compensation.

Doctors Make Mistakes

Unfortunately, doctors make mistakes. And unfortunately, it is often the patient who suffers as a result of a doctor misdiagnosing a medical condition. Common results of a doctor’s misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis include but are not limited to:

  • A patient does not begin treatment at the earliest possible date to maximise the effectiveness of the treatment
  • A doctor prescribes a medication, procedure or treatment that is not necessary


  • A patient starts chemotherapy when they do not have cancer
  • A patient starts physical therapy for a symptom of a disease but your disease does not get diagnosed or treated
  • A patient undergoes a surgery for a problem they do not have
  • A patient dies when there is a chance that they would have lived if they had received the proper diagnosis and treatment for their problem

Know You are Not Alone

If you are concerned that a doctor has misdiagnosed a medical condition for you or someone you love, it can be difficult to navigate the waters to try to get justice and compensation for the wrongs that have befallen you and/or your family. The laws around medical malpractice are complicated and it can be difficult to hold doctors and hospitals accountable for being negligent in a patient’s care.

Having a top rated medical malpractice law Firm from Cohen & Cohen, P.C. can help give you the peace of mind that you are not in this alone. When you have the experienced and successful team of legal professionals from Cohen & Cohen on your side, they can take the stress of the legal aspects of your case off of your shoulders so that you can focus on healing, or helping someone you care about heal.

Medical Malpractice Frequently Asked Questions:

Does it help my medical malpractice case if I get a lawyer in Washington DC?

Commonly Misdiagnosed Medical Conditions

Commonly misdiagnosed medical conditions include but are not limited to:

  • Strokes
  • Heart attacks
    • Heart attacks can be misdiagnosed for both men and women but women’s symptoms are often different than men’s- and are commonly missed in women patients
  • Pulmonary embolism
  • Pneumonia
  • Autoimmune Diseases: Lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, etc.
  • Cancer
  • Cerebral palsy
  • Pregnancy related complications
  • Appendicitis
  • Lyme disease
  • Migraines

The Advantages of a Top Rated Law Firm’s Help

In a perfect world, all doctors will always be able to treat and diagnose a patient with the highest possible standards and accuracy. In the imperfect world we live in, if you are concerned that you or someone you care about has suffered as the result of a misdiagnosed medical condition- the sooner you talk to one of the experienced and compassionate lawyers at Cohen & Cohen, P.C., the sooner they can start to help protect your rights and the integrity of your case. Contacting Cohen & Cohen for a free case evaluation today, may start you on the road to recovery that you have been looking for.

We’re Experienced Medical Malpractice Attorneys

More frequently than not, medical malpractice cases are negotiated and settled without going to court. However, as occurs in many medical mistake cases, if the two parties involved cannot agree then the case will be sent to trial. Before the terms can be negotiated, the person who was injured through medical malpractice or their attorney must file a lawsuit in the appropriate court.

Medical malpractice lawsuits can be very long and involved lawsuits. It can be extremely difficult to eloquently make your case and present your evidence in a believable way and there are many steps between discovering your injury and receiving compensation. For these reasons it is highly recommended that you consult a medical malpractice attorney before filing your lawsuit. Let the trusted and accomplished medical malpractice attorneys at Cohen & Cohen take the stress of a medical malpractice lawsuit off of your shoulders. Their experience and competence will give you the best possible chances at winning your lawsuit. Call Cohen & Cohen today to have your medical malpractice case evaluated and find out how much you could be entitled to. If you’re looking for a medical malpractice attorney in Washington, DC, contact Cohen & Cohen today.



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