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DC Car Accident Report Lawyer

Washington, DC Car Accident Report Lawyer

Washington, DC Car Accident Report LawyerIf you have been injured in a DC car accident, it may be in your best interest to discuss your situation with a DC car accident report lawyer to help ensure that your rights to compensation are not overlooked. 

Kinds of Accident Reports

When someone is injured in a Washington, D.C. car accident, a police report is supposed to be made. Washington, D.C. police reports for car accidents are offered in a few different forms. A key distinction is whether or not the injured person or people are able to report their injuries at the time and scene of the accident or if they cannot because they are taken away in an ambulance. If an injured person requires ambulance services, this is a particular kind of report compared to the kind of report filed if they do not If a reconstruction of the accident is necessary, a different type of police report is created. 

Getting a copy of the report also has its own process that a Washington, DC car accident lawyer and/or the injured person can request.

Obtaining a Police Report

To get a copy of a Washington, DC car accident report, the lawyer or another person that wants it typically needs to make a request for it directly to the responding officer’s individual precinct. The report itself will most likely come from the investigating officer’s briefings. There is usually a fee for obtaining a hard-copy (paper copy) of the report.

Many people highly recommend obtaining a copy of the police report for an accident where there were injuries. Because a police report contains the initial statements of people involved in an accident, it can usually be used as valuable information to guide research of what happened even though police reports themselves are not usually admissible evidence in trials. Even with the best intentions, people’s memories of accidents (and in general) change over time. Having documentation of what people remember before there has been time for the memory to be retold and possibly altered in a person’s memory.

If you were injured in a Washington, DC car accident, you should not have to spend time and energy dealing with your legal needs such as obtaining a police report when a lawyer may be able to take your legal burdens off of your shoulders. Enlisting the help of a lawyer may give you the time and energy you need to focus on healing and getting better.

Information in a Police Report

Different kinds of police reports will contain different kinds of information but in general, they contain basic information about the identities of the parties involved in the incident the report is for. 

In an accident report, the at fault party or parties are not determined nor is the report supposed to provide information for bias or to imply fault but police reports often provide a framework to guide those who are trying to determine things such as fault and liability.

If you or someone you love has been injured in a DC car accident, contact a highly rated Washington, DC car accident report lawyer at Cohen & Cohen for a free case evaluation with no obligations.

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