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Drunk Driving Accidents

Drunk Driving Accident Attorneys Serving Washington D.C., Maryland, & Virginia


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Drunk Driving Accidents

Drunk Driving Accident Attorneys Serving Washington D.C., Maryland, & Virginia

Car Accidents By Drunk Drivers

There are many car accidents caused by drunk drivers. Although accidents caused by drunk drivers has significantly decreased since the 1980s, when the organization Mothers Against Drunk Driving was formed, they still happen with startling frequency. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, someone is injured in an accident involving a drunk driver every ninety seconds. Also according to the NHTSA, “in 2012, 10,322 people died in drunk driving crashes – one every 51 minutes.” Although new laws and regulations are brought into effect every year to try to limit alcohol consumption and eliminate driving while under the influence of alcohol, these accidents continue to happen.

If you or a member of your family were the victim of an automobile accident involving a drunk driver, you deserve to make a claim for your damages. Automobile accidents already happen with disquieting frequency, if someone made the irresponsible decision to get behind the wheel while they were intoxicated, and then crashed into your vehicle, you are entitled to compensation. Car accidents are often physically and emotionally traumatic and can cause injuries resulting in death for their victims. If you were driving responsibly and still got into a car accident, it was not your fault.

Drunk Driving Laws Vary in DC, Maryland, & Virginia

In Maryland, someone is considered driving under the influence of alcohol when his or her blood alcohol content is 0.04% or higher. Maryland also has a separate charge if the driver has a BAC of over 0.08%, called driving while intoxicated or DWI, which is the worst drinking infraction. In Virginia, a driver is considered under the influence when his or her blood alcohol content is 0.08% or higher if the driver is over twenty-one, 0.02% or higher if the driver is under twenty-one, and 0.04% or higher if the driver has a commercial drivers license. In Washington, D.C., the legal driving limit is 0.08% for adults over twenty-one, 0.04% for adults over twenty-one with a commercial drivers license, and 0.00% for people under twenty-one because of “zero tolerance” in D.C.

Contact A Drunk Driving Attorney To Learn More About Your Potential Case

If you or someone that you care about suffered property damage, was injured, or was killed by a drunk driver in Virginia, Maryland, or Washington, D.C., call Cohen & Cohen immediately and have an evaluation done of how much you might be entitled. Car accidents, especially when they occur at no fault of your own, are terribly devastating and unjust. By making the decision to fight back and at least get compensation for your medical bills, property damage, time off of work, and emotional trauma, you can at least relieve the financial stresses associated with a violent car accident.

If you choose to file a lawsuit to recover your damages, choose the knowledgeable and caring drunk driving attorneys at Cohen & Cohen. The attorneys at Cohen & Cohen will take a personal and professional approach to your case to make you feel comfortable about their ability to win your lawsuit. Don’t hesitate to call Cohen & Cohen and begin your lawsuit because the longer you wait, the longer you will go without the compensation that you need and deserve.


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