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Highway Accidents Attorney Washington DC

Highway Accidents Attorney Washington DCAny auto accident is scary but the reason why so many people require the help of a highway accidents attorney Washington DC is because accidents on the highway are among some of the most dangerous kinds of accidents. They often result in horrible injuries or death because they often happen at higher speeds than the accidents that happen in cities and suburban areas. Add large trucks, commercial vehicles, semi-tractors, and motorcycles to the masses of passenger cars, trucks and SUVs on our highways, and there are many possibilities for accidents.

Lots of Weight + Lots of Speed = Hard and Forceful Impact

You do not need to remember the droning of your high school physics teacher to know that when you have a large and heavy object, such as a car, traveling at a relatively high speed, such as those traveled on U.S. highways, if that object/car comes in contact with another object/vehicle the force of impact can be great and cause a great amount of damage to one or more of the vehicles involved.

If you or someone you love has been injured in an accident that occurred on a highway, or if someone you love has died as the result of this kind of accident, talking to a top highway accidents attorney in Maryland, Virginia and or Washington DC today, may start you getting the help you need. The experienced legal team at Cohen & Cohen, P.C., are ready to talk to you and are available for a free case evaluation.

Large Trucks, Commercial Vehicles, and Semi-Tractors

Regardless of the skill and training of a licensed driver, larger vehicles take longer to stop, cannot make quick or sharp turns, and cannot speed up quickly to get out of dangerous situations. This is why they are prone to accidents. When the weight of these vehicles combined with the above come across other vehicles traveling at high speeds, incidents of damage to vehicles and injuries to people during a crash are high.

If you are unsure of whether or not you need a good highway accidents attorney to help you with an accident that you or someone you love has been in involving a large truck or commercial vehicle, talking to the car accident lawyer DC trusts and who has had success in getting their clients the compensation they are entitled to, can help to answer your questions. The sooner you get in contact with a top highway accidents attorney, the sooner they may be able to start collecting evidence and protecting the strength of your claim.

Driver Negligence

It is not just large trucks and commercial vehicles that can cause large amounts of damage and serious injuries to other vehicles. The drivers of passenger vehicles and motorcycles often do careless and irresponsible things that put the rest of the vehicles around them at risk for collision.

It is a common occurrence to be driving the high but correct speed limit on the highway, paying attention to the vehicles and road around you, when someone who has just cut across two other lanes cuts across yours and the one next to you to try to make it to the exit. Sometimes this same dangerous driver does not get to the exit and they put you in harms way, doing things such as backuping on the median and/or going over solid lines or physical dividers. None of these maneuvers are legal but drivers do them all the time. A victim of this kind of behavior should not have to pay for another driver’s careless or negligent behavior.

If you are concerned about the medical bills, lost wages, pain, and/or grief that a highway accident is causing for you and your loved ones, you may be entitled to compensation. If you or someone close to you has been injured or killed in an accident caused by a negligent or careless driver on the highway, someone at Cohen & Cohen, P.C. is available to talk to you 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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