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Rental Car Accident Lawyer Washington DC

Rental Car Accident Lawyer Washington DCDetermining liability in any sort of car accident can be difficult regardless of the vehicles involved but if you get into an accident while driving a rental car, or are in an accident with someone else driving a rental car, it may be in your best interest to contact a rental car accident lawyer who is educated in the laws governing rental cars on the road in Washington DC, to help you do this. Accidents are scary enough on their own. When you are in an accident where a rental car is involved, the added complexity of the rental car can make this kind of accident overwhelming to deal with.

Finding fault in an accident can be tricky and it can get even more complicated when one or more cars involved are from a rental car company. Rental car companies usually ask their customers if they want to purchase insurance on the vehicle being rented even when a driver has his or her own insurance. The coverage that rental car companies usually offer includes different types of coverage including that which guarantees that you will not owe anything in damages, regardless of who is at fault. Because there is often more than one insurance company involved in an accident, an added layer of insurance from the rental agency can make determining liability and coverage, complex. A good place to start finding out about the laws that determine whether you may be entitled to compensation for this type of accident, is by talking to a reputable rental car accident lawyer.

If you or someone you love has been injured in an accident involving a rental car, or if someone close to you died as the result of an accident involving a rental car, you may be entitled to compensation. To help you determine whether or not you have a case where you are entitled to compensation, talk to a top-rated rental car accident lawyer who understands this area of the law.

Where in the United States an accident occurs is a factor in determining who pays for for an accident. For example, if you purchase a rental car company’s insurance and you already have your own insurance, in some states the rental car company’s insurance would be the secondary insurance and your insurance would be the primary. A licensed rental car accident lawyer is a good way to start helping you to determine if you have a claim that you may be able to seek compensation for.

Involved Parties
When a rental car is involved in an accident, there are parties besides insurance companies who may also become a part of the negotiations. The following include but are not limited to the parties that are often a part of negotiations when a rental car is involved in an accident:

  • The rental car company, who is seen as the owner and insurer of the vehicle(s)
  • If a rental car driver elected for credit card coverage, the credit card
    company of the card that was used and its insurers.
  • If a rental car driver elected for additional coverage at the time of renting the
    car, the supplemental insurance company

To help you stop contemplating whether or not you are entitled to compensation for an accident involving a rental car in Maryland, Virginia and Washington DC, talking to an experienced rental car accident lawyer may help you to make an informed decision about this.

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