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Roll-over Accidents Attorney Washington DC

cohen and cohen law firmIf you have been unfortunate and injured while driving or riding in a car, SUV or truck that rolled over, you may benefit from talking to a top roll-over accidents attorney. The compassionate legal team at Cohen & Cohen, P.C. have the kind of experience it takes to win settlements for their clients who have been in roll-over accidents. If you are not sure if you need the help of an attorney, call a highly rated roll-over accidents attorney Washington DC at Cohen & Cohen for a free consultation 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

What is a “Roll-Over” Accident?

Roll-over accidents can happen to any automobile but are more commonly associated with SUVs and large trailer trucks. They tend to happen when a driver turns a vehicle too quickly and the center of the vehicle’s gravity shifts. While there are many situations where a driver turned the wheel too quickly and their vehicle did not roll over, doing this can send a vehicle into a roll. If you or someone you care about has been involved in this kind of accident, call a successful roll-over accidents attorney at Cohen & Cohen, P.C. today, to start the process of getting your questions about your particular situation answered.

Rollovers tend to be associated with SUVs and large trailer trucks. One of the reasons that SUVs get so much attention when it comes to roll-overs- in addition to the fact that they are a popular style of an automobile whose popularity continues increase and populate our roads- is because of their frame. An SUV’s height makes the SUV’s center of gravity higher from the ground than other vehicles and thus less stable.

Even though one suggested feature of SUV safety is to make sturdier and thus safer roofs, not much has been developed in this area of SUV safety. The roof of an SUV can be easily crushed during a roll-over accident because the roofs have not been built to withstand the kinds of impact that occurs during this type of accident.

Talking to Lawyers

If you or someone you love has been injured in a roll-over accident- or if someone you are close to has died as the result of a roll-over accident- the sooner you contact a reputable roll-over accidents attorney the sooner you may be able to start protecting your and your family’s rights. The sooner you enlist the help of a lawyer who is educated in the laws of roll-over accidents- and the sooner you get help from a lawyer who is experienced with helping victims of roll-over accidents get the maximum amount of compensation they are entitled to- is when a lawyer can start collecting evidence and protecting the health of your claim. Call to speak to a roll-over accidents attorney at Cohen & Cohen, P.C. and take the first step towards protecting your and your family’s rights.

Roll-over Facts

  • Roll-over accidents are considered to be some of the most dangerous automobile accidents
  • They often account for 35% or more of auto accident fatalities per year in the U.S.
    – Roll-over accidents are often caused by collisions with larger vehicles
    – The National Highway Safety Administration estimates that 95% of rollovers are caused by
  • Tripping is when a car’s wheels hit rough, loose, or uneven ground, or are forced off path by a collision. When a vehicle’s driver can’t readjust and it is sent off the road and hits a median or guard rail, it gets projected into a roll
  • The NHSA estimates that 20% of roll-over accidents occur in a multiple vehicle crash

If you or someone you love has been injured in a rollover accident, or if your partner or immediate family member has died as the result of a roll-over accident, you are unfortunately not the only person who has had to go through this before. Fortunately, you have the compassionate and caring legal team at Cohen & Cohen, P.C. who can help you through this difficult time. For a roll-over accidents attorney experienced in winning cases for their clients in Maryland, Virginia and or Washington DC, call us today.

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