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    When You Need a Car Accident Lawyer DC Trusts

    Immediately following an accident, you may be looking for a car accident law firm Washington DC accident victims have successfully hired to win settlements. Cohen and Cohen, P.C. Attorneys specialize in representing people who have been involved in auto accidents. Not every accident is always straightforward, and our attorneys are experienced with even the most complicated of car accident cases.

    Questions for a Car Accident Lawyer Washington DC Area Drivers Should Ask

    Cohen and Cohen provides a free consultation during which we will discuss your case and determine if we are a good fit for you and your needs. If you have been involved in a car accident, when researching legal representation, here are some questions you should ask:

    1. If they are a car accident lawyer DC automobile owners have hired to represent them, what is their success rate for winning cases?A car accident lawyer DC commuters can be confident in will proudly share the success rate with you.  At Cohen and Cohen, we have won many cases for our clients. We are successful because of our meticulous and careful preparation of our cases. We use proven strategies built on a foundation of experience. And because we recognize that being involved in litigation can be stressful for our clients, we work quickly and efficiently to get you positive results as soon as possible.
    2. Are they a car accident lawyer DC drivers can trust to know of any recent changes to the law, or existing legislation that might affect their case?A car accident lawyer Northern VA motorists might choose to represent them may know the laws of Virginia very well. However, a car accident lawyer MD victims need will be one who understands the motor vehicle laws of Maryland. The same can be said for a car accident lawyer DC drivers need to represent them in an auto accident case. Not only are there are many existing laws on the books, laws can also change. Our lawyers at Cohen and Cohen invest a substantial amount of time in keeping up with these changes in the law. They can advise you on whether a new or impending law affects you and in what ways. This is one of the many ways our attorneys are constantly looking out for our clients.

      A statute of limitations is the time limit until which charges can be brought or claims can be made against a person or company. When it comes to litigation, or legal action, against someone or a company involving a car accident or bodily harm, the statute of limitations can vary by state. What further complicates this is that sometimes you do not even know right away that you have been injured. This is why it is important to contact an attorney immediately so he or she can advise you on time deadlines and other factors in your case. At Cohen and Cohen, our attorneys are very familiar with the statute of limitations in Maryland, DC, and Virginia. Our lawyers will walk you through every step of the process and take into account even potential injuries that you may have suffered as a result of a car accident.

    3. Can they show themselves to be a car accident lawyer DC clients rate highly for satisfaction? Do they have video or written testimonials by previous clients on their website?The DC area is a big place, with constant traffic, parking issues, and a large number of commercial and privately owned vehicles. These conditions are ripe for accidents and not all drivers are equally qualified when it comes to driving. Unfortunately, many drivers are not safety conscious. Just as there are a range of drivers when it comes to competence, the same can be said for car accident attorneys; and hiring a car accident lawyer DC actually rates highly can be a tough first step. Our legal team at Cohen and Cohen is comprised of highly trained attorneys who specialize in representing people who have been involved in auto accidents. Our clients have learned to trust that not only will we work hard for them, we win cases, and we work quickly to bring about a positive outcome. Not convinced? Check out our sampling of testimonials from our extensive list of satisfied clients
    4. Are they a car accident lawyer DC commercial drivers hire, or have they also represented non-commercial drivers?Being the victim of an accident as a commercial driver can have different implications than if you are a non-commercial driver. In fact, it can be substantially more complicated as it will also affect your employer. Cohen and Cohen attorneys are experienced with representing both commercial and noncommercial drivers. If you driving a vehicle for hire, your employer may choose to appoint you an attorney. That attorney may not have your best interests in mind because they are not working for you. At Cohen and Cohen, we always have your best interests in mind because we represent you and we will fight hard on your behalf to protect your rights and get you the compensation you deserve.

    24/7 Contact The Car Accident Lawyer DC Trusts

    At Cohen and Cohen, we are available 24/7 to be there for you when you need legal assistance following an automobile accident. There is no need to wait another day or even another hour. Give us a call right now. We can provide you with the kind of experienced car accident lawyer DC accident victims have relied on for years to help them.

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