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Woman Sues Uber – Stranded on Turnpike

Uber sued stranded turnpikeCarla Guzman filed a lawsuit Monday against Uber, claiming her driver kicked her out and left her on a Pennsylvania turnpike at 5 a.m.

Guzman is seeking monetary damages from the rideshare company for negligence in hiring, training and supervision of drivers, misrepresenting its services as safe and causing emotional distress.

The incident occurred in June 2017 when Guzman requested an Uber to the airport. She described the driver as disheveled and said her car smelled of cigarette smoke and was filled with laundry.

After the driver, identified as Rachel, began the trip to the airport, Guzman informed her that she was taking the longer route to the airport and should use the turnpike. Rachel became irritated at the request and started to act in a strange fashion. When they got to the toll booth, Rachel said she didn’t have an E-Z Pass and asked Guzman to pay the toll. Guzman said she didn’t have any cash, but that she would pay the $41 fine for her.

Rachel agreed at first, but then started yelling at Guzman and banging her hands on the steering column. She then slammed down on her brakes and told Guzman to get out of her car. They were 20 minutes away from an exit.

After Guzman walked with her luggage and reached a Best Western Hotel, she called a cab and finally arrived to the airport. She missed her flight.

Guzman contacted Uber several times to inform them about the incident, but they didn’t take her claims seriously. The rideshare company gave her a $41 ride credit and suspended Rachel from using the app.

Guzman’s lawyer, Matthew Luber, said Uber intentionally deceives passengers about the competence of their drivers.

“Time and time again, incident after incident, lawsuit after lawsuit, we are seeing sexual assaults, drivers being impaired or intoxicated, and we have yet to see any meaningful change from the company,” Luber told NBC10.
Luber added that Uber repeatedly calls themselves a technology company instead of a transportation company to avoid any responsibility.

This isn’t the first time Uber has been sued for negligent hiring practices. In June 2017, two women filed lawsuits against the company, claiming their drivers sexually assaulted them.

One of the lawsuits was filed by Erica Holland, who alleges her Uber driver assaulted and sexually battered her. She said he grabbed her hair and put his hand up her skirt. When Holland notified Uber about the incident, they just offered to reimburse her for her ride.

In addition to Monetary compensation, Holland asks Uber to implement a few new policies to prevent future assaults, including an in-app panic button. She also demands that the rideshare company enforce mandatory fingerprint testing and require drivers to install cameras in their cars.

“We believe this is a very significant problem in Uber cars and a problem that can be prevented in large part by [new] safety mechanisms,” her lawyer, Lisa Bloom told Recode.

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