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Uber Accident Lawyer Baltimore MD

What Happens if You Have an Auto Accident While in an Uber?

If you should be in a crash while using Uber, it may be in your best interest if you know an Uber accident lawyer Baltimore MD residents trust. Uber and other rideshare companies offer cheap and convenient transportation similar to taxi services, but if there is a crash and an Uber driver is involved, the law can get confusing.

Insurance Policies May Be Complicated

Uber has what appears to be a good insurance policy but there are specific guidelines for how much the insurance may actually cover. An Uber accident lawyer in Baltimore MD may be able to help you sort this out.

Uber has an insurance plan that is structured in three parts. If the drivers mark themselves as unavailable to pick up, Uber doesn’t cover them and their personal auto insurance policy kicks in. If they are available for fares but do not have a passenger, the driver is again covered by their personal policy but additional liability coverage from Uber may also apply. If the driver has a passenger, Uber has a one million dollar insurance policy for liability and a one million dollar insurance policy for uninsured or underinsured drivers. All of these different insurance policies can get confusing, but a Baltimore MD Uber accident lawyer may be able to help you determine possible legal actions are if you’re injured in an accident.

If you are in an accident while driving as an Uber driver or when you are an Uber passenger, you may want to consult with your insurance company. It may also be in your best interest to contact an experienced Uber accident lawyer Baltimore MD is proud to have serving the community, such as Cohen and Cohen, P.C., before speaking with an insurer.

Uber Drivers Are Independent Contractors

Things may become more complicated when you consider the fact that Uber drivers are not technically employees of Uber. Instead, they are legally considered to be independent contractors. This means that Uber may have loopholes when it comes to liability. For example, if there is an accident involving an Uber driver who is in between fares, your Uber accident lawyer Baltimore MD offers may tell you that Uber might not be liable for the accident.

You might not be able to hold Uber liable for the accident — which means you may not be able to sue the company for damages — but you may still be able to claim compensation through your own policy or through the driver’s personal auto insurance policy.

An Uber accident lawyer Baltimore MD residents trust may warn you that laws regarding Uber’s liability may be unclear, especially when determining if the company could be held liable for the actions of their drivers. This could come into play, for example, if an Uber driver physically injured another person or if the Uber driver was drinking and driving.

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