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Trip and Fall Lawyer Washington DC

Trip and Fall Lawyer Washington DCIf you trip and fall due to unsafe property conditions in Washington DC you may need a trip and fall lawyer. As a result of your trip and fall injury, you may have a broken bone/s, a head injury, spine injury or another serious injury. If you were visiting a home or property and fell, you may have tripped and fallen due to a liquid spill or another reason. A trip and fall accident in the DC area can occur due to a variety of reasons like missing a step, slipping on something on the stairs, tripping over clothing, reaching for a handrail and losing your balance or when climbing or descending stairs that are varied height. If any of these situations occurred, you may want to contact a trip and fall lawyer in the Washington DC area.

A trip and fall accident can be considered a “premises liability” case. A premises liability case may arise if a property owner or custodian of a property neglects said property’s maintenance, repair and/or upkeep. Laws require land and property owners to keep up the location and maintain it so that there isn’t an unreasonable risk of harm to those that work at or come to the property. All reasonable efforts should be made to keep visitors at risk. But laws and efforts don’t always keep visits or visitors safe all the time. If you do trip and fall, you may want to contact a a trip and fall lawyer because you may have the right to seek compensation for the damages you have suffered, whether it be physical, emotional or financial.

Knowing whether or not you are entitled to a settlement in the Washington DC area can be confusing because the laws governing injury lawsuits and who receives compensation in an injury case vary state by state.

In some states, a merchant owes persons who use his/her premises a duty to exert reasonable care to keep aisles, passageways, and floors in a reasonably safe condition, which includes a reasonable effort to keep the premises free of any hazardous conditions which might cause damage. If a DC area premises is not maintained in a location that you have tripped and fallen at, you may have the right to seek compensation for the damages you have suffered after a trip and fall accident. If your trip and fall accident is in the metropolitan DC area and is a result of someone else’s carelessness, you may be able to pursue monetary compensation for the injuries sustained.

If a home, property or a business has failed in providing you a safe environment, then you may have a right to bring a claim or sue for damages you have suffered or incurred because of your trip and fall accident.

If a trip and fall lawyer wants to get their client awarded damages in a lawsuit, a personal injury lawyer must prove the defendant was negligent, and as such, the defendant’s negligence was a factor in causing the plaintiff’s injury. Due to the necessity and complexity of finding negligence in a trip and fall case, trip and fall accident lawsuits aren’t always clear cut.

An experienced personal injury attorney is able review the state, federal, and local laws, which can be varied in the metropolitan DC area, to help an injured person determine if the condition of the premises violated any of those laws.

If you’ve had a trip and fall accident in the Washington DC area, securing legal counsel from a personal injury lawyer can be one of your biggest assets if you file a lawsuit. If you or someone you know is in the DC area and looking to file a lawsuit after being involved in a slip and fall, you can reach us at a 24/7 live phone answering. So, if you need a DC lawyer who handles trip and fall accidents contact Cohen & Cohen, P.C., our DC Law Firm today.

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