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Truck Accident Lawyer Rockville MD

Questions Drivers Should Consider Asking

Truck Accident Lawyer Rockville MDInterpreting the law can be tricky if you’re not a seasoned truck accident lawyer Rockville MD has to offer. It can get more complicated when injuries are involved. That’s why the legal team of Cohen and Cohen, P.C. has dedicated their lives to helping victims fight for their rights. Our lawyers have handled more than 5,000 personal injury cases. We feel confident that with our extensive experience, we may be able to help you get the compensation you deserve.

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a first time driver, there are a few questions for a truck accident lawyer Rockville MD drivers should consider asking if they’ve been injured in an accident:

If the accident wasn’t my fault, why do I need to hire an attorney?

While you’re not required to have a truck accident lawyer in Rockville MD, it may be in your best interest to hire one. There are several reasons why their knowledge may be beneficial:

  • The at-fault driver’s insurance company may deny your claim. If that happens, you may need a lawyer to push your claim through and recover the money that you deserve.
  • If the trucking firm’s insurance policy is insufficient to cover your costs, you may have to recover your remaining expenses and damages from your own insurance company. A top truck accident lawyer Rockville MD has to offer may be able to negotiate a higher settlement with your insurance company than what they first offer you.
  • The trucking firm’s insurance company may offer you a less than fair settlement. If you retain your own truck accident lawyer Rockville MD drivers rely on, he or she is more likely to negotiate a higher settlement than what you might get on your own. Cohen and Cohen attorneys have had great success negotiating on behalf of their clients, having recovered more than $100 million for their clients to date.

What if I develop injuries sometime after my accident?

This is another reason you should contact a Rockville MD truck accident lawyer following your accident. While it’s certainly suggested you get medical attention immediately after an accident, not every injury shows symptoms right away. Shock and overcompensation can mask or delay the symptoms of injuries resulting from auto accidents.

By contacting a lawyer, you can begin the process of documenting your recovery process. A good truck accident lawyer Rockville MD trusts may recommend doctors and specialists for you to go to as needed. Qualified medical professionals can document the injury, monitor your progress and suggest treatments based on their conclusions. These are all expenses that could be covered by your insurance claim. Your lawyer may be able to help you with the claims process and with recovering your medical expenses and other accident related costs.

A piece of equipment on the trucker’s rig failed, causing the accident. Do I have legal recourse?

Very possibly, though you will need to discuss the details of your case with a truck accident lawyer Rockville MD drivers seek for legal help. Generally speaking, if the accident was due to equipment failure, your attorney will likely investigate the number of known incidences of that particular failure. If he or she can establish a pattern, your attorney may seek damages from the equipment manufacturer. Cohen and Cohen attorneys are not afraid to go after even the largest of companies if they feel that the company is responsible for their client’s personal injuries. Our legal team believes in fighting for the rights of every client, even if that means going up against the “big guys” with deep pockets.

What kind of compensation might I expect if the accident wasn’t my fault?

A truck accident lawyer Rockville MD is proud to call their own will need to sit down with you and discuss the details of your case before being able to answer that question in detail. Generally speaking, the amount of compensation will depend on your injuries and damage. The amount will also be affected by the available compensation. Here are some categories of damages your attorney may wish to pursue for compensation:

  1. Medical costs for care and recovery. This can include everything from the cost of the ambulance to crutches if you need them, and many things in-between. It’s probably no surprise that medical costs can quickly escalate into the thousands of dollars, particularly if a hospital stay is included or surgery is involved.
  2. Mental suffering and emotional damage.If as a result of the accident you are experiencing Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and are now unable to drive a vehicle, that impacts your current ability to make a living. Your lawyer may opt to sue for future lost wages in addition to suing for emotional damages.
  3. Lost wages during your time of recovery. Until you can get fully back to work, you probably aren’t earning your normal wages. What you would have otherwise been earning, had you not been in the accident, may be included in your insurance claim.

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