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Employment Discrimination Lawyer Washington, D.C.

Employment Discrimination Lawyer Washington, D.C.      Employment Discrimination Lawyer Washington, D.C.  

If you’re being discriminated against at your job, you should get in touch with an employment discrimination lawyer Washington, D.C. residents trust. You don’t have to put up with that kind of treatment. Here are several different reasons to hire an employment discrimination lawyer.

Racial Discrimination

As hard as it may be to believe, racial discrimination still occurs in this day and age in the workplace. If you believe you’re being treated differently in the workplace just because of the color of your skin, it can be dreadful to go into work every day. Types of racial discrimination include failing to promote, demoting, harassing and terminating. If you’re being treated unfairly for your race, you should speak to an employment lawyer.

Retaliation for Filing for Workers’ Compensation

If you get injured at work, it’s perfectly within your right to file for workers’ compensation benefits. These benefits can pay for your medical bills and lost wages. However, some employers become upset that their employees file these claims and retaliate against them in different ways. For example, your boss could cut your hours or demote you after you file a claim. The most extreme form of retaliation is termination. If you’re the victim or retaliation, it’s necessary to retain legal counsel.

Sexual Harassment

If you’re facing sexual harassment at work, it can make your job that much more difficult. You may even feel afraid to go into work every day. Examples of sexual harassment in the workplace include inappropriate touching, making sexual remarks, unwelcome sexual advances and request for sexual favors. If you’re currently in this situation, an employment discrimination lawyer in Washington, D.C. can help.

Wrongful Termination

Employees shouldn’t have to be worried about getting fired if they do nothing wrong. Unfortunately, however, it can and does happen. Federal law prohibits employers from terminating employers due to their gender, race, national origin, age and religion. Employers also can’t legally terminate an employee for being pregnant. If you have been unlawfully terminated, you should speak to a lawyer.

What Your Lawyer Can Do

An employment discrimination lawyer can determine if your employer actually illegally discriminated against you. Just because you may be treated unfairly, doesn’t mean your employer did anything illegal.

If your lawyer concludes that your employer’s actions are illegal, he or she can help you gather sufficient evidence to prove your case in court.

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