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Woman is Sexually Assaulted at a Chris Brown Party

Woman is Sexually Assaulted at a Chris Brown PartyLawsuit Claims Chris Brown Threw a Party Where a Woman Was Sexually Assaulted

A woman who wishes to remain anonymous has filed a lawsuit against Chris Brown and friend Lowell Grissom, Jr., accusing Grissom of raping her at Brown’s house in 2017.

According to the lawsuit, the woman went to a concert that February night at Oak 1 in West Hollywood and then was invited to go to an after party at a recording studio where Brown and Grissom were working. She said Brown took her phone when she arrived because he didn’t want any phones in the studio. When she wanted to leave, Brown still didn’t give back her phone and pressured her to back to his house to retrieve it.

When the woman arrived to Brown’s home, she said guests were provided with alcohol and illicit drugs. She also claimed Brown gave each female guest a pill filled with white powder and told them to have a good time. The woman, however, didn’t take the pill and tried to separate herself from others at the party.

The woman’s mother started to worry because she didn’t hear from her in a while and used an app to track the location of her phone to Brown’s house. The mother then called the police and asked them to look for her daughter. When they arrived to Brown’s house, he didn’t let them in.

After the police left, things got worse. The woman claimed that Brown, Grissom and a female guest planned to use drugs, alcohol and intimidation to “coerce and force unwilling female guests to perform sexual acts for Defendants and others.” They reportedly persuaded female guests to go into a bedroom and intimidated and sexually harassed those who were unwilling to perform sexual acts.

The woman refused to take off her clothes and made it clear that she didn’t want to participate. However, she was still allegedly forced to give oral sex to Grissom and a female guest and then raped by Grissom two times in other rooms.

After the woman was finally allowed to leave, she went to a rape treatment center and to the police station to report what happened to her. The criminal investigation is still open.

“This is one of the most horrific sexual assault cases that I have ever seen,” the woman’s lawyer, Gloria Allred, said. “And our client, Jane Doe, has been severely traumatized by what she was forced to suffer.”

The woman seeks general and punitive damages.

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