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Sexual Assault Lawyer Washington DC

Sexual Assault Lawyer Washington DCThe term sexual assault tends to connote images of violent sex acts when in reality, sexual assaults are often violent but there is also a very wide range of less-violent seeming reasons that today, too many people are in need of an experienced sexual assault lawyer Washington DC community members have come to trust.

What Constitutes Sexual Assault?

An act of sexual assault or sexual misconduct can take on many different forms. Behaviors that are considered appropriate in a consensual, adult relationship can be considered inappropriate between strangers or co-workers or relatives or others- when they are instigated by one person and the other person attempts to refuse their advances, or the other person is not in a position where they can refuse these advances. There are many situations where an act of sexual assault occurs in a consensual relationship when one person attempts to refuse the advances of their partner even though they may have consented to this same or similar behavior in the past. A sexual offense does not require sexual intercourse to warrant criminal charges.

If you think that you or a loved one has been a victim of sexual assault you may be entitled to seek monetary compensation through a personal injury case. If you are unsure of whether or not you or a loved one has a case against their attacker, talking to a sexual assault lawyer Washington DC residents know they can rely on, may help you to make an informed decision about this.

Damages from Sexual Assault

Regardless of the nature of the assault, regardless of whether the assault can be tried as a criminal case, regardless of whether the victim has been left with scars that are not visible or scars and damages that are visible- victims of a sexual assault often do not fully recover from the damages they suffered during and as a result of their assault.

While no amount of money can take back or repair the psychological and emotional damage and/or physical damages that a sexual assault often causes, seeking compensation for the damages someone has suffered can be a key part of a victim’s healing process. Doing this alone can be overwhelming and stressful. In order to understand the legal aspects of your particular and highly unique case, it is recommended that victims of sexual assault and their families seek the advice of an experienced and compassionate sexual assault lawyer Washington DC is proud to have on its side.

Who Can be Sexually Assaulted?

Anyone can be sexually assaulted. People of any age, gender, race, socio-economic level, education, physical level of fitness, level of cognitive ability, physical dis/abilities, sexual orientation- can be sexually abused in the form of one, or repeated acts over time. The nature of sexual assaults and how deeply they can affect an individual’s sense of self and self-worth, can change a person’s future abilities to be in successful relationships and intimate situations.

Talking about a sexual assault can often feel just as bad or even worse than the act itself. It is important to have an understanding and licensed sexual assault lawyer Washington DC citizens have come to trust, to guide you through these difficult and sensitive matters.

According to the National Center for Victims of Crime, about 20 percent of adult women and 5-10 percent of adult men recall being sexually abused at some point in their lives. And these are just the individuals who are in a place in their lives where they want to and feel comfortable enough to tell others of their abuse. Some victims suffer from physical and mental symptoms that last longer than the physical injuries incurred during the abuse. These and other harmful effects of injuries from an assault are ones that victims may be able to seek compensation for.

If you or someone you love is a victim of sexual assault, or if you are not sure whether an incident one of you has endured would be considered this, contact a sexual assault attorney Washington DC has relied on in the past, to help you with this difficult time and the difficult decisions you may be facing.

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