Will Workers’ Compensation Help if You Are Injured in a Construction Accident?  

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Frederick, MD Workers Compensation Lawyer

Will Workers’ Compensation Help if You Are Injured in a Construction Accident?  If you are a construction site worker in Frederick and have sustained injuries during your job, it may be in your best interest to contact a reliable Frederick MD workers compensation lawyer.

A lawyer from Cohen & Cohen may be able to help you get the coverage and benefits you deserve. Construction sites can be very hazardous areas. Our lawyers understand the laws and will work diligently to protect your rights as an employee. After an injury, you are entitled to workers’ compensation but you may not be offered the full amount of compensation that your injury is really worth without the aid of a skilled lawyer.

What should my next steps be?

Many people recommend that after a workplace accident injury, the victim should do the following to help protect their rights:

  • Get medical attention for the injury. It does not matter how serious or minor the injury may be, a small injury could lead to something bigger and you will want medical documentation that you suffered from these injuries.
  • As soon as you can, contact a Frederick MD workers compensation lawyer for guidance and support.
  • Complete an incident report and tell your employer right away about the accident or the injury.
  • If there were witnesses at the accident, try and gather their contact information.
  • Collecting evidence can greatly help your case. Evidence can include pictures of the accident and where it occurred, pictures of your injury and other forms of documentation of the accident and what happened.

Doing these few things after an incident, may help to increase the amount of coverage you receive from workers’ compensation.  

What types of accidents should you expect workers’ compensation to cover?

Since construction sites can be very dangerous, there are several different situations that could lead to injury. Some of the situations that often create the need for a workers compensation lawyer who is licensed to defend workers in Frederick and throughout MD include but are not limited to:

  • Falling: Construction workers may have to work from ladders, in elevated windows, on roofs, from scaffolding or high machinery, and if the employee were to fall, they could sustain serious injuries or even death as a result of the fall.
  • Falling Objects: Most construction sites are on multi level buildings. As a result, beams, building materials, tools and other other items could fall and hit the worker below.  
  • Overexertion: Construction workers have difficult jobs and have to work in some harsh environments. Repetitive motion can cause wear and damage on the muscles and soft tissues, leading to pain or limited mobility.
  • Slips and other falls: Tools and stray materials, holes or uneven ground can cause employees to fall, slip or trip leading to painful injuries.

These are a few examples of the types of accidents that can occur at construction sites and create a need for a reliable Frederick MD workers compensation lawyer. For all of them, you deserve coverage and proper benefits that will get you back on your feet. Workers’ compensation is there to help you but you may also want the additional assistance of a lawyer you can trust and who will fight to get you the compensation you deserve.  

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