What do I do When Food Poisoning Leads to Wrongful Death?

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Frederick, MD Food Poisoning Lawyer

Frederick, MD Food Poisoning LawyerGoing out to dinner is a common occurrence among most family and friends in Frederick but tragically, sometimes people die from food poisoning and leave their grieving families in need of a reliable Frederick, MD food poisoning lawyer. A relaxing evening enjoying good conversation and good food can turn into a nightmare when someone winds up getting food poisoning and becomes violently ill.

Getting sick from food poisoning happens, and it is not pleasant. But can you imagine one of your friends or family members getting so sick from the food that they die because of food poisoning?  

Food poisoning is fairly common, along with lawsuits that are filed against the establishments where the food was purchased or eaten. Fatal cases of food poisoning in this country are considered rare, however, unfortunately it happens.

If your loved one became sick and died as a result of food poisoning, you may need to speak with a food poisoning lawyer at Cohen & Cohen about defending your and your family’s rights in Frederick or throughout DC, MD and VA. Cohen & Cohen’s experienced wrongful death lawyers will meet with you to discuss how you may be eligible to receive a settlement to cover expenses and damages associated with your loved one’s death.

To help better identify a possible food poisoning scenario, some of the major symptoms are listed below.

  • Frequent vomiting
  • Constant  diarrhea, lasting more than three days
  • Nausea
  • Fever higher than 101.5
  • Dehydration – distinguishable by decreased urination, dizziness upon rising, extremely dry throat and mouth
  • Stomach cramps
  • Blood in your stools

If any of the above symptoms become severe, you should seek medical attention immediately.

There are some people that are more likely to be victims of food poisoning. These are:

  • Older adults
  • Pregnant women
  • Younger children
  • Those suffering from an immune system that is compromised because of chemotherapy or radiation, liver disease, HIV, kidney disease, or diabetes, etc.

Foods that are most often associated with food poisoning include:

  • Vegetables
  • Fruits
  • Chicken, turkey, pork, and beef
  • Dairy products, including milk
  • Raw eggs
  • Raw flour
  • Raw seafood and shellfish
  • Sprouts

If these foods are contaminated, the germs they carry can make you extremely sick and may put your family in need of a trustworthy Frederick, MD food poisoning lawyer.

The type of food poisoning that is most likely to be fatal is salmonella. It is far more dangerous than other types of food poisoning. Spinach, Romaine lettuce, and other leafy greens can also contain food-borne illnesses.

Be sure your lawyer explains to you what the wrongful death laws of your state are. They can talk to you about who can legally file a wrongful death claim, the statute of limitations for your state, and damage limits.

Losing a loved one to food poisoning is unthinkable. Having a reliable food poisoning lawyer on your side who is licensed to defend families in Frederick and throughout MD, cannot bring your loved one back but you may find some comfort in knowing that your loved one and your family’s rights are being defended.

Worrying about coming down with food poisoning when planning a nice evening going out to dinner with family and friends, or after coming home with groceries, should not be a consideration for anyone. If this does happen, it truly is tragic and no amount of damages or compensation will bring back your loved one. The lawyers at Cohen & Cohen know this but they also know that beyond the sadness and mourning, your lives are altered forever because of this incident. Filing a civil lawsuit for wrongful death against the restaurant where the tragedy occurred with a Frederick, MD food poisoning lawyer, can hopefully make the restaurant more acutely aware of their unhealthy and unlawful kitchen practices. This may help your family with getting compensation to cover funeral and medical expenses, and for the pain and suffering you’ve incurred because of your loved one’s food poisoning.

For a highly rated and reliable Frederick, MD food poisoning lawyer, contact Cohen & Cohen today.

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