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Food Poisoning

Food Poisoning Attorney Services in Washington, D.C., Maryland and Virginia


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Food Poisoning

Food Poisoning Attorney Services in Washington, D.C., Maryland and Virginia

Need help finding a food poisoning lawyer? Food-borne illness, or food poisoning, as a term, encompasses both sickness from contaminated food and sickness passed to you through your food by a sick employee. Although food-borne illness is frequently mild, it can be incredibly severe. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that every year 128,000 people are hospitalized from food borne illness and three thousand people die from food borne illness. Although food borne illness is sometimes difficult to prove in court, if you follow a few steps after getting a food borne illness and hire the experienced Washington DC injury lawyers at Cohen & Cohen right away, and you will have a great chance at winning your food borne illness and food poisoning lawsuit.

Steps To Winning A Food Borne Illness Lawsuit

Food Poisoning AttorneyThe first step to winning your food borne illness lawsuit is finding out exactly what made you sick and collecting evidence to prove which food made you sick. Figuring out which food you ate made you sick can be tough because different types of food borne illnesses have different incubation rates. You need to be diagnosed with a specific food borne pathogen in order to carry out your case and be able to prove it was in the restaurant’s food. If you happen to have saved leftovers from the restaurant, save them and have them tested for the pathogen that afflicted you.

Second, you need to have pulsed-field gel electrophoreses testing done. PFGE will show if the food borne illness you were afflicted by matches the genetics of the food borne illness other people were afflicted by. If multiple people who ate at a restaurant had the same food borne illness and their PFGEs match, then you have solid evidence against the restaurant.

Finally, figure out if the sickness that affected you came from infected food or a sick employee. If you caught a sickness that an employee had, you could be entitled to more compensation. Because restaurants are heavily regulated and inspected to prevent the spread of disease, allowing a sick employee to work may be a punishable offense. If you can prove that you were sick because of a sick employee and if the restaurant has a history of allowing sick employees to work, the restaurant may have to pay you additional punitive damages, depending on the law of the state you are in.

Contact Our Food Poisoning Attorneys To Discuss Your Case

If you or someone in your family has recently been affected by a crippling food borne illness, call the food borne illness attorneys at Cohen & Cohen today. Whether you are just beginning to collect evidence for your lawsuit or you have all of the evidence previously listed here, the experienced food borne illness attorneys at Cohen & Cohen can evaluate your case and advice you of what to do next. Depending on the evidence you are able to collect, you could be entitled to compensation for your pain and suffering, medical bills, attorney fees, and even time away from work. If you qualify for punitive damages compensation than you could be entitled to even more. Call the respected attorneys at Cohen & Cohen today to get your food borne illness case started!

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