What are Common Questions About Potential Risks of the Road?

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What are Common Questions About Potential Risks of the RoadArlington, VA mva lawyers know all too well that there are plenty of risks that may await us as we get into the driver’s seat of our car. While most understand the array of threats that may be encountered, not many of us actually anticipate it happening. Situations in which an innocent driver becomes part of a car accident due to another’s negligence, can be particularly upsetting. Victims of a collision can suffer from painful injuries in which extensive or emergency treatment may be required. Those impacted by such an event may also wonder how they can seek compensation for their medical bills and other damages.

Here in the article to follow, Arlington, VA mva lawyers have answered a series of questions about common threats we may face on the roadway, in addition to why you may want to meet with an attorney about your car accident.

Why are potholes dangerous?

Potholes may not only be annoying for drivers, but can result in serious accidents too. If a driver were to swerve to avoid the pothole, they could crash into a car in the nearby lane. These risky road indents may also cause a driver to lose control and spin out.

How should a driver respond to a tire blowout?

If a driver were to unexpectedly experience a tire blowout, they can respond by remaining in control of the wheel and pulling over as soon as possible. Arlington, VA mva lawyers will advise that, if you can manage it, stop in a safe area that is out of the way of traffic.

Why do accidents happen in construction zones?

Some drivers may plow through construction zones, ignoring messages on bright orange signs to slow down. A driver being reckless may not only injure themselves, but others on the road and construction workers too.

Why do drivers risk getting behind the wheel while intoxicated?

As the majority of drivers know, operating a vehicle while under the influence can cause a severe impairment of both motor and cognitive skills. Those who are drunk may think they are sober enough to drive, thus getting behind the wheel when they really shouldn’t.

What is the motivation behind people who tailgate others?

Experienced Arlington, VA mva lawyers will likely inform you that drivers who are in a rush or frustrated that the car ahead is too slow, may tailgate as a way to get the other vehicle to move out of the way. Keeping a safe distance between you and another car can help ensure you have enough time to react to unexpected threats or sudden stops.

Should I meet with an attorney about a car accident?

It is not uncommon for victims of a car accident to meet with an attorney, especially if another driver was responsible for the collision. Medical bills can add up rapidly, and quickly put the victim into steep debt. Depending on exactly what happened, you may be able to receive repayment for your medical expenses, vehicle repairs and loss of wage due to missing work for recovery. Arlington, VA mva lawyers can offer insight, guidance and legal representation if you decide to file a lawsuit against the other driver for compensation.

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