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How Much Can I Recover by Filing a Bicycle Accident Claim?

Bicycle Accident Lawyers Greenbelt, MD

How Much Can I Recover by Filing a Bicycle Accident ClaimHow much a person can recover by filing a bicycle accident claim is dependant on many things that bicycle accident lawyers Greenbelt, MD residents recommend, may be able to help you with.

The shock of being involved in a bicycle accident can be significant. As a result, if you were recently struck by a car while cycling, you may be hesitant to assume the burdens associated with filing a personal injury claim. You may want to focus on your recovery or you may wonder whether you can handle any additional stress right now. These are perfectly normal responses to being struck while cycling. But please know that you do not have to navigate the legal process of filing a claim alone and that filing a claim now with the help of Greenbelt, MD bicycle accident lawyers, may significantly reduce your stress in the future.

When individuals are harmed as the result of accidents, their medical bills tend to mount quickly. If for no other reason than this, it may be worth your time to speak with an attorney about the possibility of filing a personal injury claim. If your claim is successful, you may be able to recover compensation for your medical bills as well as other damages.

It is worth noting that every case is different, so it is difficult to attach a dollar amount to specific claims in terms of what kinds of damages may be awarded. Cyclists who are partially at fault for accidents are likely to recover less than those who were not at fault, for example. In addition, those who suffered grave injury are more likely to recover significantly more than those who suffered minor injuries as a result of their collisions. Bicycle accident lawyers who are licensed to practice in Greenbelt and throughout MD will be best placed to give you an idea of what kinds of damages you may be awarded if you opt to file a claim.


When a personal injury claim is successful, a plaintiff is awarded monetary damages. These damages can be economic and/or non-economic in nature. Economic damages are tied to specific financial costs associated with an accident. For example, a cyclist struck by a car may be awarded economic damages that compensate for past medical expenses, current and future medical expenses, property damages, lost wages and other specific, objective costs associated with the harm caused by the accident.

Some personal injury plaintiffs are awarded non-economic damages in addition to economic damages. These are relatively subjective in nature and therefore vary more widely than economic damages do. Pain and suffering awards are examples of non-economic damages. No one can truly calculate the cost of pain and suffering, but these damages attempt to acknowledge that such consequences have occurred in the wake of an accident. Many people recommend the help of bicycle accident lawyers in Greenbelt or near where you were injured in MD to determine the kinds of damages you may be entitled to.

It is important to understand that it is virtually impossible to place a dollar amount on how much financial compensation a cyclist can recover if he or she is successful in his filing a personal injury claim. Although an attorney can provide an estimate of a possible economic damage award based on medical bills, etc., one can never be sure what a judge and/or jury may ultimately see fit to award. In addition, many cases settle before trial and settlement amounts can vary significantly. Finally, as previously noted, cyclists who are not at fault are likely to recover greater damage amounts than those who are partially or totally at fault for the harm caused by an accident.

To help you make more informed decisions about how to proceed with your bicycle accident injury claim against a negligent person or people, contact reputable Greenbelt, MD personal injury lawyers who are experienced with successfully defending the rights of accident victims and their families.

Questions About Filing a Claim

If you have questions about filing a legal claim in the wake of a bicycle accident, please consider contacting an experienced personal injury attorney. Meeting with an attorney will not compel you to take any specific action whatsoever. Having a confidential consultation will simply allow you to be advised of any legal options available to you and will help you to ensure that the choices you make moving forward are as informed as possible under the circumstances.

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