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Clergy Molestation Lawyers Washington DC

Clergy Molestation Lawyers Washington DC

Clergy Molestation Lawyers Washington DCAt Cohen & Cohen, P.C., our Clergy Molestation Lawyers Washington DC families can trust knows that an outbreak of sexual abuse and molestation has been focused on the church. Ministers, priests, reverends, rabbis, and other church members have been charged with child sexual abuse or molestation in the past, and the associated religious institutions have been held responsible as well. If you, your child, your family member, or someone else you care about has been sexually abused by a member of the church, please know that you are not alone. We understand that the pain from the past may linger for quite some time.

We have seen how victims of clergy molestation find some sense of peace and recover once their offenders are officially held accountable for their actions. If you want to learn more but aren’t yet ready to dive into the process, we do offer free consultation with no pressure or obligation. The best thing you can do for yourself and your recovery is find out your legal options.

If Your Child Has Been Victimized

If your child has been harmed by an abusive member of the clergy, it is imperative that you speak with a lawyer who is experienced in handling sensitive cases like these as soon as possible. Even before the incident has been officially reported with police, you can still begin filing a lawsuit. Additionally, if the abuse happened months or years ago, you may still be able to bring justice to what happened through legal action. Only after a thorough investigation of your case can we provide you with your options, as every case is unique.

If your child is exhibiting the following behaviors, it is possible that they endured abuse at the hands of a priest, clergy, or church member and seeking help from our Lawyers for Clergy Molestation in Washington DC is in your best interest:

  • Sadness, depression, and irritability that is unlike them
  • Withdrawing from hobbies that they enjoy
  • Spending more time with another adult not in the immediate family
  • Sudden weight loss or gain
  • Experimenting with alcohol and/or drugs
  • Thoughts of or attempted suicide
  • Loss of friendships and no desire to socialize
  • Attempting sex acts on other children

Providing Legal Support to Molestation Victims

At our law firm, we offer free initial consultatations for people who have been sexually abused by members of the church or for parents of child victims. We take our role in seeking justice for you or your child very seriously, and are strategic and empathetic to the case. If you are not sure yet if molestation occurred at the hands of a priest or clergy, we can examine evidence and help you decide whether taking legal action is the next reasonable step. Call Cohen & Cohen, P.C. to speak with our Washington, DC Lawyers for Clergy Molestation today. 

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