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Clergy Molestation Lawyers VA

Clergy Molestation Lawyers VA

Clergy Molestation Lawyers VAThe team at Cohen & Cohen, P.C. knows that the church is not immune to incidents of sexual abuse, and if you are in search of a dedicated lawyer then look no further than our Clergy Molestation Lawyers VA survivors can trust. We have handled some of the most difficult and heartbreaking cases of clergy molestation and sexual abuse. We have the knowledge to succeed in even the most complex cases and can be relentless when going up against a large religious institution. 

We are not afraid of the church and know how to pursue compensation for victims of abuse at the hands of church clergy. We are empathetic to the fact that our clients likely feel immensely betrayed by the church, where the environment was supposed to be supportive and healing. But instead, incidents of sexual misconduct occurred behind closed doors where parishioners may have felt as though they couldn’t say no.

We understand that it takes courage to be heard and share your story, particularly if the incident occurred many years back. It doesn’t matter whether the events happened weeks or years ago, we can help you pursue justice in the court of law. 

Cases of Clergy Molestation and Children

Some survivors may hesitate when coming forward after the abuse has stopped. They may believe that nothing will change, that it’s too late to do something about it, or that it is too embarrassing to speak about. Laws have changed in recent years where victims have more time to bring their stories to light and seek legal justice. Our lawyers require time to build strong cases for our clients, and for children, in particular, this can be a delicate process. We work with your child’s doctors, counselors, psychiatrists, and other medical experts to help young survivors of clergy molestation learn how to communicate what happened to them. 

When our Virginia Clergy Molestation Lawyers present a case of child sexual abuse, we are mindful of the pain that child has gone through. We strive to reduce the extent of the trauma during the legal process. If you or your child was sexually harmed by a church clergy, please call our law firm for assistance with your case. We can answer questions and address concerns while keeping the entire meeting confidential. You can trust us with your story and we will be informative and empathetic in the process. 

Call Cohen & Cohen, P.C. Now For Guidance

The impacts of childhood sexual abuse or molestation can be devastating and last a lifetime. Many survivors struggle with accepting what has happened and may subconsciously deny it for several years. Children are vulnerable to sexual abuse because they are still little and naive to the way of the world. As a parent of a child victim or a victim yourself, this may all feel just too overwhelming. Please know that we can provide the guidance and insight you need to decide if filing a lawsuit is right for you and your family. Call Cohen & Cohen, P.C. today to book your case evaluation with a Clergy Molestation Lawyers in VA as soon as possible. 

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