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Nursing home abuse law firm Maryland

Nursing home abuse lawyerNursing home abuse law firm Maryland

More people are living in nursing homes in the United States than ever before but unfortunately in Maryland and the surrounding areas there is also a greater need for people to have access to a good nursing home abuse law firm Maryland is fortunate to have in its midst.

People have to live in nursing homes and other similar facilities when they cannot take care of their basic, daily needs such as bathing, taking medications, preparing food and eating it, to name a few. In the United States there is a much higher percentage of older people in nursing homes than there are children, young and middle aged people in nursing homes. One reason for this is that people are living longer and healthier lives. With this we have a much larger population of significantly older people who are still alive than ever before. The human body, even when it is in good health can only last so long and slowly begins to decline with age. If a person’s body has slowed down and declined to the point where they do not have muscle control and strength and/or the mental capabilities to perform basic tasks, it is still important that they are properly taken care of in their frail state. Many older people though, would still prefer to stay in their own homes than to go to live in a nursing home. It is often a very difficult decision for families to make to move an elderly loved one into a nursing home when their concerns for their loved one’s health override their loved one’s desire to live independently. It can be beyond devastating that an elderly family member is being abused in the nursing home that is supposed to be taking care of them.

If you think or know that you need the help of a nursing home abuse law firm Washington DC nursing home abuse victims and their family’s can rely on, contact Cohen & Cohen, P.C. We are available to give you a free consultation and a free case evaluation. The sooner you have a reliable law firm on your side, the sooner they may be able to start collecting evidence and building a strong case to protect your loved one and your family’s rights.

The Department of Health and Mental Hygiene monitors nursing homes in the state of Maryland. The Code of Maryland Regulations require all licensed nursing homes adhere to a set of rules and procedures. One of these regulations is intended to prevent residents from being abused and neglected. If a nursing home in the state of Maryland fails to have these policies and procedures in place, this alone can be cause enough for a lawsuit to be filed against the nursing home or facility.

When a family member suspects that a nursing home resident is being abused or neglected in Maryland, he or she can contact the Office of Health Care Quality to notify them of their concerns. Many people have also found it helpful to enlist the help of a personal injury law firm that has experience with helping victims of nursing home abuse. For a highly rated nursing home abuse law firm Washington DC residents are lucky to have access to, contact Cohen & Cohen, P.C., today.

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