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Common Types of Trucking Accidents

Date12 Feb 2019

Truck Accident Lawyer Rockville, MD

Sharing the road with large, semi trucks can give most drivers on the road pause. Large trucks take up a lot of space, making it difficult to share the road with them. Most drivers make attempts to proceed with caution when on the road with larger trucks. Trucking accidents can produce horrific outcomes. Outcomes that will surely leave accident victims with injuries that in some cases could be life threatening. Victims of trucking accidents may experience trucking accidents in a number of ways:

Jackknife Accident

Jackknifing occurs when the truck practically folds in half. Usually, the truck folds at a 90-degree angle, in which the cab and trailer are in the opposite directions. This type of accident can be incredibly dangerous for both other drivers on the road and the truck driver. A jackknifed truck accident will take up a lot of space, and in some cases can result in an accident involving multiple vehicles. These types of accidents can occur when:

  • The brakes are improperly maintained
  • The brakes of the truck axle lock up
  • Driving too fast
  • The truck driver makes errors in operating the truck

Rear End Collision

When a truck driver is operating a large truck, they often do not have the ability to quickly stop the vehicle. Because of this, should vehicles in front of a large truck brake suddenly, it could result in a rear-end collision. As a driver sharing the road with semi trucks, it’s important to make sure that you make attempts to drive carefully. If a truck is following too closely, let them pass. If you observe traffic slowing ahead, tap your brakes to warn the trucker behind you. Should you find yourself faced with a situation that requires you to come to a stop slowly, make efforts to move out of the way if possible in order to avoid accidents.

Left Turns

There is nothing more terrifying when sitting at a light, while a large semi truck is making a left hand turn into the lane beside you. As a driver, it can leave you feeling incredibly helpless as there is often nowhere for you to move your vehicle. This is a common way truck accidents occur. Although the front end of the truck may clear into the other lane, the trailer may not have enough space. When a truck driver is not paying attention, the trailer could collide with your vehicle.

Blind Spot Accidents

Trucks come equipped with a substantial number of blind spots. Blind spots make it incredibly challenging for truck drivers to see the cars around them. If you are driving in a truck’s blind spot, the truck driver could change lanes or maneuver the truck into your path. As a driver sharing the road with a large truck, steer clear of areas where trucks may not be able to see you.

When you are facing the tragedy of a trucking accident, you deserve the very best. An experienced truck accident lawyer Rockville, MD relies on can manage your truck accident case.

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