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Workers Compensation Northern Virginia

Workers’ Compensation Attorney Northern Virginia

workers compensation lawyer northern virginiaWhen someone is injured on the job, any kind of job, it is a good idea to talk to a workers compensation attorney Northern Virginia community members trust.

Injuries can occur as the result of almost any job and at any workplace environment. Some people tend to associate the term “workman’s comp” with visions of people who work with heavy machinery or in treacherous situations, such as working in the open while 30 or more floors above the ground.

The reality is, a person can be injured on a job where they mostly sit at a desk all day, or while working in any kind of job at any kind of store, or while working at a job where they are taking care of other people, or while working at a school, or while working at a hospital, or a hotel or in an office.

The kinds of injuries people sustain can be vastly different from very sudden accident with obvious injuries, to injuries that develop slowly over longer periods of time with less apparent symptoms.

If you or a loved one is suffering from an injury that occurred as the result of a job, you may find it helpful to talk to a knowledgeable workers compensation attorney Northern Virginia victims of work injuries have gotten help from in the past.

Common Workplace Injuries
There are hundreds of thousands of workplace accidents every year that can result in massive injuries, to no injuries at all. Common workplace injuries include but are not limited to:

Slip and Falls

Slips, Trips, and Falls can occur in any setting because of a slippery surface,
including on your way in our out of work. These are often because of the negligence of
someone failing to clean up a spill or to properly mark and/or light pathways that can be
dangerous. Falling from ladders or scaffolding are also common.

Even though you may not initially think you are injured from a slip, trip, and/or fall, talking to a reliable workers compensation attorney Northern Virginia community members can count on, as soon as an accident occurs, can help you to protect your potential workers compensation claim.

Repetitive Stress Injury

A repetitive stress injury results from any repetitive motion of the joints. They can occur while sitting at a desk and typing, while working in a factory or on an assembly line, while moving objects, and the list goes on.

Falling Objects

Falling objects can hurt people no matter where they fall from, no matter the setting they fall in. Objects fall in warehouses and objects fall from shelves and out of cupboards.

Inhaling Toxic Fumes

Inhaling toxic fumes can happen in an industry where you know you will be working
around them, even when you take the proper precautions. Gas and toxic fumes can also
leak unexpectedly in workplaces that do not normally expose workers to these fumes.

When you have a workers compensation attorney Northern Virginia residents can rely on
working on your team, you will likely be more informed on whether or not you have a
claim that you may be able to seek compensation for. Enlisting the help of a
knowledgeable attorney right away, may help you to protect your case in order to be able
to fight for the compensation you and your family are entitled to.

Crashes and Collisions, Cuts and Lacerations, Exposure to Loud Noise, Walking into Objects, Fights at Work, are all common causes of injuries in the workplace.

If you or someone close to you has suffered from any of the above problems that occurred on the job or one not mentioned here, you may be in need of a compassionate workers compensation attorney Northern Virginia victims of workplace injuries know that they can rely on from Cohen & Cohen.


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