Who is Assigned Blame in Maryland Bicycle Accidents?

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Who is Assigned Blame in Maryland Bicycle AccidentsIf one or more party is negligent and causes an accident involving a bicycle rider in Maryland, the victim may be able to get the blame assigned to the negligent party or parties with the help of Wheaton, MD bicycle accident lawyers. If you can get the blame assigned to a negligent party, they may be liable to compensate you for expenses related to your injury. In the horrific event a loved one dies as the result of a bicycle accident, the deceased surviving family members may be entitled to compensation for this as well as for their loss.

You can enlist the help of bicycle accident lawyers in Wheaton and throughout the state of MD to help you determine whether or not it is possible to hold a negligent party liable for their actions that caused your injuries.

Are the drivers of motor vehicles always assigned blame in accidents involving bicycles?

The drivers and operators of motor vehicles are typically only assigned blame in accidents that are their fault. While a bicycle rider is way more likely to get hurt in an accident involving a motorized vehicle, the accident can be partially or entirely the fault of the bicycle rider’s.

When people try to seek compensation for expenses related to an accident involving a bicycle, they typically do this through the negligent party’s insurance company with a personal injury claim. Many people recommend doing this with the help of Wheaton, MD personal injury lawyers who are experienced with successfully defending the rights of bicycle accident victims and their families.

Why do bicycle accident victims seek compensation?

Getting the proper care and treatment for injuries sustained in a bicycle accident tends to be expensive. Even minor injuries can wind up costing a victim more than what they can afford. Even when an accident victim has good health and/or auto-insurance, bicycle accidents can wind up costing the victim lots of money. The average person does not usually have the knowledge to understand the scope of how much an injury from a bicycle accident can wind up costing in the long run, especially when possible complications and new problems that can arise years after an accident, are factored into how much compensation a bicycle accident victim might need over their lifetime.

Don’t put yourself in the situation of taking a settlement for an accident before discussing what your rights are and how you may be able to best protect them with bicycle accident lawyers that cyclists in Wheaton and throughout MD, trust and recommend.

When a victim and their family is overwhelmed with the victim’s injuries and well-being, and their mounting medical bills and other financial hardships such as loss of income or loss of childcare or household management, are making everyday life difficult and the future very scary. A bicycle accident victim and their family should have the time and resources to focus on the victim’s healing – not on trying to get difficult insurance companies to give the victim the compensation they deserve. It is very common for insurance companies to try to get away with paying what they can- not what they should.

If you or someone you love has been injured in a bicycle accident, a good way to start protecting your rights is to call the reputable Wheaton, MD bicycle accident lawyers at Cohen & Cohen for a free case evaluation with no obligations.

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