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When do You Need the Help of an Alexandria Hospital Negligence Lawyer?

Hospital Negligence Lawyer Alexandria, VA

When do You Need the Help of an Alexandria Hospital Negligence LawyerWhen someone is injured or becomes unwell because of a hospital’s negligence, they may need the help of a hospital accident lawyer Alexandria, VA hospital accident victims and their families can rely on to help them get the compensation they need.

Because of the medical malpractice horror stories people have heard from the media, friends, coworkers and family, these days, many people enter a hospital with some amount of trepidation. Even if you are not concerned about medical malpractice based on one or more of these sources, going to the hospital for a procedure, surgery or treatment, tends to be scary for most people.  

If you or someone you love has unfortunately been the victim of hospital negligence in Alexandria or anyplace in Virginia, you may benefit from the help of a VA personal injury lawyer who is experienced with medical malpractice cases involving hospital negligence.

Does your lawyer need to be from VA to help you with a hospital negligence claim in Alexandria?

If you have been injured because of an Alexandria hospital’s negligence, it is most likely that you will want to be represented by a lawyer who is licensed to defend people in Virginia.

Personal injury medical malpractice claims are governed primarily by state law. There are many time limits and deadlines that need to be adhered to that are specific to Virginia law, in order to be able to pursue a claim

How does the doctrine of contributory negligence affect a Virginia hospital negligence claim?

Virginia recognizes the doctrine of contributory negligence. Many people view this doctrine as old fashioned and unfair to injury victims because even if a patient’s injury is primarily the result of a healthcare practitioner’s negligence, if the patient is found to have been even the smallest bit negligent in following medical instructions, it may affect their ability to seek compensation for their injuries or bar them from them from any sort of recovery at all.

An example of something that may be used as contributory negligence against a victim of hospital negligence is that if a patient was instructed to make a follow-up appointment and failed to do this or failed to show up to their appointment, the defendant (in this case, the hospital) may say that the victim’s injury was in part or wholly the victim’s fault. Another example of something that might be considered contributory negligence is if a hospital prescribed a medication or treatment that the patient failed to take, the hospital may use this against the patient’s claim for the hospital to be liable for its negligence.

Even though VA’s contributory negligence laws can make it difficult to prove a hospital’s liability for their negligence, a hospital negligence lawyer who has a track record of successfully defending the rights of Alexandria victims of hospital negligence may be able to do this.

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