What’s the Best way to Handle the Scene After Being Hit by a Car Driver?

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What's the Best way to Handle the Scene After Being Hit by a Car DriverIf you or someone you love has been injured in a bicycle accident in Alexandria or someplace else in VA, it is recommended that you speak to bicycle accident lawyers Alexandria, VA bicycle accident victims and their families can trust as soon as possible to learn about what your rights are.

When bicycle accidents happen, it can leave the rider with injuries that are excruciating and require medical attention promptly. Many bicyclists have probably had at least a couple close calls while sharing the road with drivers. This may simply be because drivers are too often speeding, distracted, daydreaming or sleepy behind the wheel. Eventually, a rider may come into contact with a car exterior, and may be thrown from their bike onto the ground. Here in the article below, we have talked further about how riders should handle the scene after being hit by a car driver.

A good reason to speak to bicycle accident lawyers that are licensed to protect people in Alexandria and throughout VA is because they can guide you through the the things you should do and say, as well as things that you should not do or say.

What if the driver tries to blame me for the bicycle accident?

The driver who hit you may become overwhelmed with stress, when they realize that they may have to face the consequences of their actions. The driver may be acting out and trying to get you to say that you are at-fault, so they can elude responsibility. You may want to disengage with the driver and not make any statements about fault. This can be difficult, as you may be angry towards the driver for hitting you. Call 911 for support and inform the operator that the driver is being hostile towards you.

While you are waiting for authorities to arrive try to get yourself to a safe place to call trustworth Alexandria, VA bicycle accident lawyers so that they can document how the other driver (or drivers) are being. As well, it may make you feel safer to know that the person on the other end of the line is on your side.

Is it always necessary that I call 911?

It is highly recommended that any person hit by a vehicle while on a bike calls 911 for help. You may have sustained injuries that require medical attention. Also, the officer who arrives at the scene can take down an official incident report of the collision. In case you decide to file a lawsuit against the driver down the line, this report can serve as evidence for your case. Ask the officer how you can go about receiving a copy of this report, and be sure to provide your thorough account of what happened.

What if I cannot pay my medical bills due to the accident injuries?

After being hit by a vehicle and suffering injuries, a rider may then be faced with a pile of unpaid medical bills. The costs for being hospitalized, the ambulance ride, treatments, diagnostics, medications and more can add up very quickly. Many riders may decide to file a lawsuit against the driver for compensation in order to pay off these medical bills. It is recommended that Alexandria bicycle accident victims who are trying to get compensation for their bicycle accident, should do this with the help of personal injury lawyers who are experienced at successfully getting compensation for bicycle accident victims.

Is it necessary that I take pictures of the scene?

If you are of stable health enough to take photographs of the scene, it may be in your best interest to do so. Take pictures of any visible wounds you have, bike damage, car damage and any other details (such as a broken windshield and shattered glass). If there were good samaritans who came over to help you, do not be shy in asking for their contact information. In many cases, someone who rushes over to assist during an accident scene just wants to see that everyone is okay. A witness’ intentions are typically good, and their account of what happened may work in your favor during a lawsuit.

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