What should I do if the new clothes I bought are causing me a rash?

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What should I do if the new clothes I bought are causing me a rashAn experienced Rockville, MD product defect lawyer knows all too well that nobody expects to be harmed from their clothing. Apparel is not something most people anticipate as being dangerous. It is reasonable to assume that when you go and purchase new clothing items, whether they be a new pair of jeans or a dress for special occasions, you assume that the clothing will be safe to put on. After all, it is the manufacturer and seller’s responsibility to ensure that the products they give you are up to the highest of safety standards.

You may be wondering, “what happens if my clothes proved to be unsafe?” A good Rockville, MD product defect lawyer will tell you that, unfortunately, this is a common occurrence. Apparel is one of the many types of products that can be defective and result in injuries. For example, if your new clothes cause a severe skin rash, you may be entitled to a product defect case. An important thing to remember is that in order to have a product defect case, you must prove that your injury was caused by 1) the product’s poor manufacturing or 2) the product’s design.

In the case of clothes, you either need to show that your injury — let’s say a rash — was caused by a negligent manufacturing (say, a pair of pants weren’t sewed properly and left an irritating fabric exposed) or that the entire way they were built is harmful (say the manufacturer used a fabric which most people are allergic to for every pair of pants produced). A skilled Rockville, MD product defect lawyer will advise that you evaluate these two qualifications before seeking your legal professional in order to best present your case.

First and foremost, if your injury — in this case a rash — is severe enough, you should immediately seek out a medical professional, and in the most extreme cases call 911. Once you have dealt with the pressing elements of your injury, it then may be in your best interest to reach out to a lawyer. Product defect cases are common, and it is important to have a trusted Rockville, MD product defect lawyer on your side in order to fight for the compensation you deserve.

In fact, defective apparel is not the only type of product that can be faulty and cause an injury. Although there endless amounts of possibilities in terms of products that can be faulty, there are some products that are defective more than others. These include: cosmetics, motor vehicles, food, household appliances, toys, and beverages.

In any product defect case, especially a clothing one, make sure to document the injuries you sustained. A skilled Rockville, MD product defect lawyer will advise that you take photos of any rashes, burns, or other injuries you sustain as a result of the clothing. Save any medical records and/or bills documenting treatment as well. This can help you when you get the courtroom to prove that you are liable for damages.

Nobody should have to deal with the emotional and financial burden that comes with dealing with an injury alone. When your injury is caused as a result of somebody else’s negligence, whether that be a clothing manufacturer or any other type of faulty product, it is important to find a legal professional who can help you get the compensation you deserve.

If you or a loved one has suffered from an injury as a result of your clothing, do not hesitate to reach out to Cohen & Cohen to set up your free consultation with a Rockville, MD product defect lawyer.

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