What rights does my loved one have in a nursing home?

Frequently Asked Questions

A nursing home lawyer Hillcrest Heights, MD trusts has the answers

nursing home lawyer Hillcrest Heights MDAny nursing home lawyer Hillcrest Heights, MD residents count on knows all too well that, often, residents in nursing homes can be taken advantage of due to their vulnerability. Nursing home residents can be vulnerable for numbers of reasons such as being sick, being weak, or any other health complications your loved one may face. The constant assistance needed in nursing homes leaves a lot of room for error and for patients to possibly be taken advantage of. It is important to know the rights of your loved ones to insure no one is being taken advantage of.

Before moving in

A good nursing home lawyer Hillcrest Heights, MD trusts will tell you that Federal Law prohibits nursing facilities from discrimination. This means that a nursing facility cannot turn down someone based on race, color, religion, age, sex or any other protected characteristic. If you believe a nursing home has turned down a loved one based on one of these factors you should report them to your local long-term care ombudsman. Additionally Medicare offers an official complaint form that you can submit.

A nursing facility also must provide a writing statements explaining what they will be providing and all of the fees that will need to be paid before the patient moves in.

Upon Entry

An experienced nursing home lawyer in Hillcrest Heights, MD will likely inform you that  when a patient first moves to a nursing home they will undergo a health assessment. This assessment will continue throughout their stay. The doctors and nurses should continually monitor the patient’s mental and physical health daily to insure the best treatment possible.

Additionally the patient’s ability to take care of themself should be monitored. This includes their ability to get dressed, eat, bathe, use the toilet and other daily responsibilities. Accessing these activities enables the caregivers to give the proper care needed for each and every patient.

Financial Affairs

Nursing homes may offer to manager a residents personal funds however they cannot require this or do this without written consent. If a resident does give consent, the nursing home is required to provide quarterly financial statements and must allow patients to access their accounts. Finally, according to a nursing home lawyer in Hillcrest Heights, MD,  if money is deposited into a managed account than that account must pay interest.

Humane Treatment

Nursing home residents are protected by federal law to be “treated with dignity and respect”. This means that residents have the right to make decisions like what time they want to go to bed and wake up, what time to eat meals and what activities they want to take part in.

Resident also should not take part in or be victims of:

  • Physical or verbal abuse
  • Drug abuse
  • Personal property loss (including mail and private phone calls)

Other humane rights:

  • Patients must be allowed to have visitors (within reasonable hours) and be able to forbid certain visitors of their choice.
  • Family members must be able to access at any time
  • The Facility is responsible for every patient’s behavior and must ensure the safety of all patients

Medical Treatment

All patients have the right to know their health conditions. This means they are allowed to know what conditions they have, what medications they are taking and anything else they wish to know about their health. Additionally patients have the right to any and all medical records.

If you believe any of your loved ones rights have been violated, call Cohen & Cohen today to help save your loved ones and set up your free consultation with a nursing home lawyer Hillcrest Heights, MD counts on.

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