What is Hospital Negligence?

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What is Hospital NegligenceWhen a patient becomes injured or ill because of the negligence of a doctor, nurse, therapist, technician or other hospital staff, this may warrant the need of hospital accident lawyers Hillcrest Heights, MD hospital accident victims and their families can rely on.

Hospital negligence is a term that is used in personal injury claims where an employee of a hospital is negligent in their care of a patient and the patient becomes injured or ill as a result of their negligence. A personal injury claim involving hospital negligence often involves more than one party who may have been negligent but there does not need to be multiple parties for a claim to be valid. Hospital negligence often falls under the umbrella of medical malpractice as well.

What is informed consent?

The information in this article is a general overview and is not intended as legal advice. A good way to get legal advice about what informed consent is in the state of Maryland is from hospital accident lawyers who are licensed to practice in Hillcrest Heights and throughout MD.

Any time a patient agrees to undergo a procedure, surgery, or treatment, their physician is supposed to have them sign a consent form. Prior to having a patient sign a consent form, the doctor is supposed to inform the patient of any and all risks and side effects a treatment has, as well as its benefits and alternative treatments.

What if you did not sign a consent form or the form you signed did not adequately warn you of the dangers and side effects of your treatment?

If your doctor failed to inform you of these things and you have become injured or become ill, it may be in your best interest to discuss your situation with hospital accident lawyers in Hillcrest Heights or the place in MD where your hospital accident injury occurred. If your doctor did not have you sign a consent form, or if the form you signed did not include the risk of your specific problem, you may be entitled to compensation.

Even though there are no guarantees, in most cases, a hospital is a place you go to to be treated in order to improve your physical condition and well-being. Many treatments may include surgeries, medications, and/or procedures whose possible benefits outweigh their negative side effects and risks- but a patient has a right to make an informed decision about whether or not they want to proceed with a treatment regardless of how great or small the risks or benefits might be. It is the responsibility of the patient’s doctor to give the patient all the relevant information they need in order to make this informed decision. When this does not happen, it may be in the victim’s best interest to discuss what their rights are with Hillcrest Heights, MD hospital accident lawyers.

Who can you turn to after a Hillcrest Heights hospital accident?

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