What Is A MIST Case?

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What Is A MIST Case?MIST is an acronym for “Minor Impact, Soft Tissue”.  Minor impact is when there is limited vehicle damage. The soft tissue is the damage that occured to  muscles, ligaments or tendons. Because this type of injury does not involve bones, MIST types of injuries can be harder to diagnose.

MIST injuries are caused by a variety of situations. Most commonly, MIST injuries occur from auto accidents. However, there are many other areas where a MIST injury can result such as Slips-&-Falls, Workplace Injuries, Senior Facilities, and Sports Injuries.

What are some examples of MIST injuries? The most common type of MIST injury is Whiplash. Whiplash results from a quick and  sudden back and forth movement of the head & neck usually from the impact of a car accident. Symptoms of whiplash such as headaches, chronic back & neck pain, vision & hearing disturbances, or dizziness & balance challenges can be severe & can last for many years.  

Another common soft tissue injury are Sprains and Strains.  They are similar in both cause & treatment, except that a sprain is the over-stretching & tearing of a ligament whereas a strain is the over-stretching & tearing of a tendon. Both of these injuries result in pain, swelling, and a reduction in the range of motion. Common areas in the body for sprains & strains are elbows, wrists, knees, or the ankle. They can also occur in the back & neck.

Contusions are another common MIST injury. Contusions are bruises where the capillaries under the skin have been ruptured. Though many bruises & contusions heal well over time, permanent damage can occur.

As stated earlier, MIST injuries involve soft tissue. Unlike broken bones, MIST injuries will not appear on x-rays. Not only are MIST injuries more difficult to diagnose by medical professionals, but MIST injuries can have a more severe impact on daily life activities and they can last a lifetime.

Victims of MIST injuries with a personal injury claim can seek compensation for medical expenses, lost wages from missed work, medication, as well as pain & suffering.

It is critical in a MIST case that you have the proper legal representation. The insurance company will be working hard on their side to make as little payment as possible in your claim. You will want to have an attorney to represent your interests and defend your injuries from claim denial & or a settlement that is less than what you deserve.

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