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The Small Tool That Can Cause Motorcycle Accidents

Montgomery County, MD mva lawyers have the answer

Montgomery County MD mva lawyersIn recent years, Montgomery County, MD mva lawyers will likely inform you that the majority of people have probably heard about the dangers associated with texting and driving. However, despite these warnings many drivers can still be seen on the road looking down into their lap, attempting to hide the cell phone they are using. When people talk about the issue of texting and driving, it usually encompasses car vs car accidents. But, this behavior behind the wheel can lead to accidents between cars and motorcyclists too. Any person on the road can become a victim of a driver who is texting. All it takes is less than a second or two of eyes being away from the road for a devastating accident to arise.

Here in this article, Montgomery County, MD mva lawyers have talked further about how texting and driving affects motorcyclists too, and how to respond if such a collision were to happen to you.

Why is texting and driving such a problem in today’s society?

Nowadays, cell phones are often seen glued into the palms of people, or at least in their pocket or purse very close by. As a society, we have become so attached and perhaps even addicted to the little joys this small tool can offer us. If we hear a beep, we immediately get a ping of excitement about the message that awaits us. Unfortunately, experienced Montgomery County, MD mva lawyers know all too well that the strong attachment to cell phones when behind the wheel may not break when people get into the driver’s seat. The problem could be our overall over-connectedness to technology which leads to such horrible accidents on the road.

If I get hit by a driver who is texting, what should I do?

If you are riding on your motorcycle and are struck by a car, you should respond just as if it is any other type of accident. Call 9-1-1 for help and do not permit the driver to leave the scene. If the driver appears as though they may try to flee, take a picture or write down their license plate number so an officer can try to find this person. A driver at-fault for hitting a motorcyclist may suddenly try to bolt out of fear of the potential consequences. Montgomery County, MD mva lawyers will tell you that, sadly, the driver may commit an even worse offense by trying to escape the scene.

What if I had to go to the emergency room and now I can’t pay my medical bills?

This is a situation that many motorcyclists may encounter; being hit by a car and suffering painful and complicated injuries, then being unable to pay the resulting medical bills. Many motorcyclists may then decide to meet with an attorney about their legal options. If the car driver was responsible for the accident, you may want to find out more about how to file a civil lawsuit for injury and damage compensation. If you are meeting with Montgomery County, MD mva lawyers for the first time, you should bring along the following helpful information:

  • Medical bills due
  • Doctor evaluations
  • Driver’s information
  • Loss of pay due to missing work
  • Photographs or witness contacts
  • Out-of-pocket expenses

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