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Teenage Vaping Injury Lawyer DC, MD, VA

Teenage Vaping Injury Lawyer DC, MD, VATeenage Vaping Injury Lawyer DC, MD, VA

If you live in DC or its surrounding areas and your teenager, tween, or child, has been vaping, it may be in your best interest to get legal advice from a teenage vaping injury lawyer in DC, MD or VA. An unprecedented number of minors have been trying vaping and becoming addicted to it in the last ten years. Many people blame this on the vaping industry for marketing their products to minors. As well, some vape and e-cigarette device companies made claims that their products were a safer way to “smoke” than traditional cigarettes and other smoking products and devices.  

Vaping Injuries

Even more devastating than a child becoming addicted to nicotine and other substances found in vapes, is the damage to their lungs that is now being linked to vaping. People of all ages that vape are suffering from damage to their lungs, in some cases, this lung damage is being linked to the cause of deaths. 

Whether your teenager has complained of problems caused by vaping or not, if they have been vaping, the sooner you contact a reputable DC, MD or VA teenage vaping lawyer, the sooner they may be able to help you come up with a plan and what your next steps to protect your child should be.

Compensation for Vaping Injuries

If you know that your innocent teenage child has been vaping, it is a good idea to seek the advice of licensed physicians and a licensed vaping injury lawyer in DC, MD, or VA. Even if your child is not experiencing any negative side effects of vaping, the sooner you seek help the sooner you may be able to protect your child’s health and rights. 

Your child and your family may be entitled to compensation for expenses related to your child’s injury. Whether your child needs medical care now or may just need it in the future if problems that are caused by vaping should arise, this is not something that your child and/or your family should not suffer financial hardships for. If your child is addicted to vaping and unable to quit on their own, there are programs and therapies that may be able to help them. The party or parties that caused this addiction by providing a dangerous product to your minor child should be financially responsible for any health, addiction, or psychological, problems their product caused.

To find out if your child may qualify for compensation from a vaping company, contact a teenage vaping injury lawyer in DC, MD or VA, that is experienced with successfully helping teenagers who vape and their families.

Unlawful Marketing

It is bad enough that one or more party sold or provided vaping products to your underage child but many have alleged that vaping companies deliberately targeted marketing towards minors. Things such as the candy-like flavors for vapes, attractive packaging and aggressive social media campaigns, are now being pointed to as a key reason why so many children and teens are now addicted to vaping.

For a highly rated teenage vaping injury lawyer in DC, MD, or VA, contact Cohen & Cohen any time of the day or night, any day of the year, for a free case evaluation. 

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