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Stryker Hip Implants Lawyers Washington DC

Date25 Apr 2019
Stryker Hip Implants Lawyers Washington DC

Stryker Hip Implants Lawyers Washington DC

Stryker Corporation is a Fortune 500 medical company that has produced several metal-on-metal (MoM) hip implants that have had massive recalls, which erupted in lawsuits. Stryker manufactured the Rejuvenate and ABG II hip stems, which were both recalled.

The issue with metal-on-metal hip implants stems from the metal ball and metal socket rubbing against each other, which causes metal particles to be released into the bloodstream, and can lead to cobalt chromium poisoning. For this very clear reason, many orthopedics companies have ceased production of MoM implants.

Stryker also issued a warning on their V40 femoral heads, used in MoM hip replacements, alerting potential patients to possible side effects, like loss of mobility, pain, inflammation, and dislocation.


Orthopedist and inventor Dr. Homer Stryker founded The Orthopedic Frame Company, the precursor to Stryker Corporation, in Kalamazoo, Michigan in February 1941. Dr. Stryker developed a number of inventions, including the mobile hospital bed, the oscillating saw to cut casts, and the walking heel.

The company went public in 1977. Two years later, it acquired the Osteonics Corporation, a manufacturer of hip, knee, and other orthopedic replacements. After Dr. Stryker’s death in 1980, his children and grandchildren took over the company.

In 1998, Stryker acquired Pfizer’s orthopaedic division Howmedica and renamed it Stryker Orthopaedics. In 1999, Stryker Corp.’s annual sales surpassed the $2 billion mark In 2005, the company’s annual sales was at nearly $5 billion. By 2015, Stryker Corp. employed more than 20,000 people worldwide and generated annual sales of $10 billion.


In 2012, Stryker recalled two metal hip implants, the Rejuvenate Modular and the ABG II Modular-Neck hip stems, over concerns that the parts could fret or corrode, which could result in pain, swelling, and inflammation in the surrounding area, premature hip implant failure, and metal poisoning—which can lead to heart issues, nervous system issues, and thyroid issues.

Following the 2012 recalls, thousands of patients filed lawsuits against the medical giant. Many of them had to undergo a difficult revision surgery and yet another recovery due to a defective implant.

Following the recalls of ABG II and Rejuvenate hip stems and the subsequent lawsuits, Stryker agreed to pay $1.43 billion to settle thousands of lawsuits in the fall of 2014. Under the settlement, each plaintiff could receive as much as $600,000 in damages.

A similar lawsuit was filed in December 2016 and a Texas jury awarded $1 billion to six plaintiffs who needed revision surgeries because of their DePuy Pinnacle hip implants. DePuy is a division of Johnson & Johnson.

If you or a loved one has experienced metal poisoning, dislocations, pain, inflammation, or broken bones because of a faulty hip implant by Stryker, or need to have revision surgery, please contact Stryker Hip Implants Lawyers Washington DC today to learn your rights. You may qualify for a lawsuit that could help you recover medical bills, lost wages, and other expenses related to the implant’s unforeseen side effects.

If you are in the DC area and are looking to file a lawsuit for any damages or need to have revision surgery due to a faulty hip implant by Stryker or DePuy, you can reach us at a 24/7 live phone answering. So, if you need a DC lawyer who handles injury lawsuits contact Cohen & Cohen, call our DC Law Firm today.

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