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Staying Safe When Venturing Onto The Road with Two Wheels

A skilled Tysons, VA bicycle accident lawyer has the answers

Tysons VA bicycle accident lawyerAny experienced Tysons, VA bicycle accident lawyer will tell you that riding a bicycle is used for sport or as a leisure activity for a large population of people in the United States, and around the globe. The appeal to bicycles could be it is a great way to save money on gas, be more eco-friendly, and all the while get exercise too. The major downside to venturing onto the roadways on these two wheels, is that a rider must be keen to the presence of vehicles at all times. The biggest risk to a bicyclist is being clipped by a passing car while sharing the road. The injuries associated with being hit by a vehicle can be agonizing, painful and even costly. Here in this article, a trusted Tysons, VA bicycle accident lawyer has answered a series of questions related to bicyclist safety, and how to seek justice if struck by a car driver.

How can I be more safe while out riding my bicycle?

There are multiple ways that a bicyclist can practice being more safe while sharing the road with cars. It is unfortunate that car drivers cannot always be trusted to drive with awareness and care when around bicyclists. So, this means bicyclists must be proactive about their safety and staying out of harm’s way. Here is a list of ways you can help lessen your chances of being hit by a car, according to the Tysons, VA bicycle accident lawyer:

  • Always wearing bright colors to make yourself more easily seen by drivers
  • Using hand signals to communicate with car drivers
  • Riding with the flow of traffic, never against
  • Using reflective gear or blinking lights, especially during nighttime hours
  • Refraining from using earphones, as that can hinder your ability to hear honks or potential threats on the road

What can I do if I was hit by a car driver while riding my bike?

First and foremost, you should call 911 for help immediately if you were struck by a vehicle while on a bicycle. The human body has no protective shield surrounding it to help lessen the force of an impact. Our body cannot withstand the weight and pressure against the strength of a vehicle exterior. A Tysons, VA bicycle accident lawyer will also strongly advise that you get medical attention at the scene right away and follow up with your doctor after you have been deemed stable. It is possible for a bicyclist to endure a life-threatening condition due to the impact. Never permit the driver to leave until an officer has arrived to take over the situation for you.

What can I do to get compensation for my injury costs?  

Meeting with an attorney is a great resource for people who want to know how to go about seeking justice for the crash. If you or a loved one was hit by a car while on a bike, there may be piles of medical bills that have yet to be paid. An innocent bicyclist should also not have to suffer the repercussions of a driver’s carelessness. A Tysons, VA bicycle accident lawyer can perform an evaluation of your situation and offer advice as to whether filing a lawsuit could be the right route for you.

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