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Risks of Laser Hair Removal​

DC Laser Hair Removal Injury Lawyer

Risks of Laser Hair Removal​


Cohen and Cohen Personal Injury Attorneys, Washington, DCHad any unfortunate laser hair removal injuries? You might want a laser hair removal injury lawyer to help you through the case. Laser hair removal is an ever-growing cosmetic procedure that allows people to permanently remove hair anywhere on the body after multiple laser treatments. It is a very successful industry, however the risks involved with laser hair removal can be quite high. Laser hair removal works by concentrating a high-density light onto the skin to destroy hair follicles. A trained professional will use the laser to “shock” the skin and hair follicle, making it harder for the hair to grow back each time until it ceases. Depending on the area of the body being treated, permanently removing the hair is a process that can take up to a year, with treatments being done every month or so.

Laser hair removal injuries are fairly easy to sustain, especially if an amateur is performing the treatment. Some laser hair removal injuries include first, second, and third degree burns that can result in permanent scarring. These injuries also cause severe pain that can last for weeks while the body is healing, making it difficult to move, work, and be comfortable. This can result in a loss of income, and emotional distress due to stress and pain. Another side effect of laser hair removal injuries is discoloration of the skin known as hyper pigmentation or hypopigmentation. Hypomigmentation is the loss of color in the skin all together, and cannot be reversed. While the opposite is true of hyperpigmentation as it is a darkening of the skin that can be reversed, both are costly and hard to deal with. Less serious laser hair removal injuries can include rash and swelling over many days, which even though temporary, is still traumatic and unwarranted.

After you have sustained any laser hair removal injuries, the medical spa or dermatologist will be the one liable for their employee’s negligence during the treatment. Any medical facility of this nature, even if not a “doctor’s office”, is responsible for regularly maintaining training and service standards, as well as equipment maintenance standards before performing treatments. They are also responsible for informing a patient of any risks involved with laser hair removal before a procedure, as well as proper after-care of the laser hair removal treatment.

If you have sustained any laser hair removal injuries you should first contact the doctor or medical spa where the procedure was done. Even if it is only a slight rash or swelling, it may be a more serious burn than you think. Inform the doctor or spa that the procedure rendered you with uncomfortable or painful damage, and have them determine if you have a more serious injury. Then contact a Cohen and Cohen laser hair removal injuries lawyer to see that your case is properly and thoroughly handled to best ensure you are compensated for your injuries and potential loss of income due to injury.

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