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Radio Host Sued for Sexual Harassment

Radio Host Sued for Sexual Harassment

Date27 Nov 2018

Radio Host Sued for Sexual HarassmentA former sales executive has taken legal action against WFAN radio host Joe Benigno, accusing him of sexual harassment.

Lauren Lockwood, who was a sports sales executive at the radio station for five years, said that Benigno and other employees fostered a hostile working environment where sexual harassment and discrimination were tolerated. She was fired in 2017 and claims it was a retaliatory measure.

Lockwood said the men on her sales team frequently made sexual comments, inappropriate touching and sexual solicitations. She also claimed the sales reps kept liquor in their desks and shared Jameson and Tequila at the office and clients events.

During one particular meeting, she recalls one coworker being drunk and bragging about strip club meetings with clients and paying two prostitutes, which he later put on an expense report.

Lockwood claimed that Benigno frequently came to flirt with her at her cubicle and make inappropriate comments about her clothes and physical appearance. She also alleges that Benigno often whispered in her ear about having a threesome with him and his wife and prostitutes.

Other defendants named in the lawsuit include CBS Radio, CBS Sports Radio and Entercom Communications and two other CBS advertising executives – Sean Argaman and Mark Zukerman.

Benigno debunked Lockwood’s claims through his agent, Mark Lepselter.

“Joe categorically denies the allegations,” Lepselter said. “My father once told me on any story, always consider the source and those who live in glass houses. We’re more than prepared to handle the situation if need be.”

“We learned of a lawsuit involving a former employee who was discharged roughly a year ago,” a spokeswoman for Entercom, which owns WFAN, said in a statement Thursday. “We do not comment on pending litigation, but we do intend to defend the company vigorously.”

Lockwood is seeking $5 million in damages from the lawsuit.


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