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Portland Man Sues Landlord for Unsafe Conditions

Date20 Jun 2019

Portland Man Sues Landlord for Unsafe ConditionsBrian Jackson has filed a lawsuit against Income Property Management, the property management company that manages his apartment complex in Portland, claiming the living conditions are dangerous and unsanitary.

According to the lawsuit, the units in The Yard at Union Station are uninhabitable. There are cockroaches, drug dealing, assaults, squatters, leaks and broken lights in the building.

“Every time I went out, it was a lot of anxiety because you never knew who was going to come out from dark corners. Lights were out, bulbs weren’t being replaced — it’s insane,” Jackson said.

“Their mission statement brags about how they’re offering affordable and safe housing for their tenants,” Jackson added. “It’s anything but safe. Affordable? Sure. Safe? Anything but.”

On June 10, Jackson was handed an eviction notice, which he claims is an illegal retaliation for beginning a union and complaining about the issues in the complex.

“They don’t want to do the job,” Jackson said. “If we can get that changed to where people don’t have to fear going outside their door, so they don’t have to walk across their kitchen floor in an immaculately cleaned apartment and be walking over cockroaches, have to deal with black mold in the common areas, or rats on the outside of the building because things aren’t cleaned properly — we shouldn’t have to live that way.”

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time a property management company has been sued for unsafe living conditions. Last September, Aleina Langford settled a lawsuit with a Portland apartment complex for $105,000.

Langford claimed in the lawsuit that she lived in terrible conditions that included rats, overflowing garbage and hypodermic needles.


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