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Bicycle Accident FAQ: If I get injured while riding a bicycle who can I sue?

Hillcrest Heights MD bike accident lawyer

Hillcrest Heights MD bike accident lawyerIf you or someone you love has been injured in a bike accident in Maryland, or if someone you love has died because of this, it may be in your best interest to discuss your situation with a Hillcrest Heights, MD bike accident lawyer.

If you get injured while riding a bicycle who can you sue?

There can be many sources responsible for your accident depending on what factors played a role in causing the injury. Possible sources may include:

    1. The first possible party that you may be able to sue is the negligent driver. This can be a driver of an automobile, bus, or truck if the driver caused the accident.
    2. The second possible party you may be able to sue is the manufacturer or retailer of the bike. This claim can be made based on malfunctioning parts of the bike or bike accessories. If there is a defect in you bike or any part of your bike and your accident was related, you will likely have a case.
    3. If the accident was caused by dangerous conditions related to unsafe or unserviced roads, another possible party to sue could be the the city, county, or state who maintains the roads. Many people find it easiest to do this with the help of a Hillcrest Heights, MD bike accident lawyer. The following are common causes of bike accidents:
      • Potholes
      • Accumulations of snow or ice
      • Cracked pavement
      • Obstructed or hidden fixtures, i.e fire hydrants
      • Excessively gravelly roads
      • Inadequate signage, for bikes and traffic
      • Poor road design
      • Dangerous intersections
      • Overgrown foliage
      • Inadequate lane markings
    4. Another possible source of the accident may be related to a repair shop or mechanic. I the accident was caused by a bike or vehicle recently repaired, the shop may be at fault. For example, if the brakes on your bike were recently worked on and then caused your accident, you will most likely have a case.

      The information in this article is general and is not intended as legal advice in any way. A good place to start with understanding the legal aspects of your accident and injury is by discussing your situation with a Hillcrest Heights, MD bike accident lawyer.

    5. A fifth party you may be able to sue is the owner of either private or public property. If the accident happened due to negligent design, maintenance, or upkeep of public or private property you can likely make a case for the dangerous conditions causing your accident.

A Hillcrest Heights, MD bike accident lawyer may be able to take a burden off of you by taking over the protection of you and your family’s legal rights.

All of these factors may have played a role in your accident however, in order to hold a city or town liable for your injuries, there must be negligence. Municipalities in most states are liable for their negligence in maintaining public streets and sidewalks, but there are two important limitations on an injured person’s right to sue a city, county, or other municipality. First, most, if not all, states have strict notice and time deadlines for making a claim. Second, most states place a limit on how much you can recover from the state or a municipality if you win.

It is important to hire a professional Hillcrest Heights, MD bike accident lawyer to protect you because you have to make sure that you make your claim against the proper governmental entity. For example if you crash over the remains of a sign for a bus stop, and you give notice to the city and only the city, your claim could be barred. This is because state law could hold the public transportation agency, and not the local municipality, responsible for maintaining bus stops- meaning the city will not be liable.

Important timing!

While you can sue if your bike accident was caused by the road it is extremely important to consult with a bike accident lawyer ASAP to make sure you don’t miss any deadlines and to ensure a good understanding of the special requirements to bring a lawsuit.

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