I was hit by a drunk driver. What is my case worth?

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I was hit by a drunk driver. What is my case worthMost District Heights, MD DUI lawyers will inform you that many accident victims choose to file injury claims in civil court after being involved in an accident with a drunk driver. Although the driver will almost certainly face DUI charges in criminal court, the victims who suffered injuries likely will not receive any form of monetary compensation. In order to collect compensation, a victim from the accident may have to file a separate lawsuit through the local civil court system and pursue a personal injury case against the drunk driver. This process can be very time-consuming and complex, so it’s understandable if you want to know what your case could be worth before you begin the process.

Unfortunately, it’s impossible to determine the exact dollar amount that you may receive from a lawsuit, especially without having a DUI injury lawyer examine the details of your situation. According to District Heights, MD DUI lawyers, there are several things that could influence the total monetary value of your case.

Damages From the Accident

Probably the biggest group of factors that will influence your case are the damages that you could claim. This refers to what you have suffered as a result of the accident. Tangible economic damages include things like:

  • Damage to your personal property (such as your vehicle and other personal items inside during the accident)
  • The cost of medical care following the accident
  • Projected future medical costs for accident-related injuries
  • Lost income from missing work during your recovery period

Noneconomic damages are more difficult to calculate. Many insurance companies and court systems use algorithms to determine how much compensation to give someone for their pain and suffering. Your District Heights, MD DUI lawyers may be able to give you a general idea of how much you might receive in noneconomic damages.

Punitive damages may also be a factor, especially in a case like a drunk driving accident. These damages serve to punish the defendant for their actions. Many personal injury settlements do not include punitive damages, but in a case where the defendant made an egregiously negligent choice and caused severe harm, a DUI injury lawyer may argue that punitive damages are reasonable.

The Other Driver’s Insurance Company

It is usually not the defendant themselves who pay out a settlement after causing a drunk driving accident; instead, it is their insurance company. As you might expect, auto insurance companies rarely want to offer the injured plaintiff the actual settlement amount that they deserve. If you wish to collect a settlement as soon as possible, you might end up receiving less money than if you waited longer and negotiated with the insurer.

Furthermore, as skilled District Heights, MD DUI lawyers will tell you, the defendant’s policy limits determine how much money the insurance company can be required to pay out in a claim. If the defendant has lower policy limits but has a significant amount of personal assets or income, the court may require the defendant to pay money to the plaintiff in addition to what their insurance company offers. If they have no significant personal assets, then the maximum amount your claim might be worth could be determined by their policy limits.

The best way to figure out how much your case may be worth is talking to a DUI injury lawyer.

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