How do You Recover Your Damages from a Rockville, MD Bicycle Injury Accident?

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Rockville MD bicycle accident lawyer

Rockville MD bicycle accident lawyerIf you or someone close to you has been injured in a bicycle accident in Maryland, or if someone you love has died because of one, it may be in your best interest to get legal advice from a Rockville, MD bicycle accident lawyer.

Statistically speaking, bicycle accident injuries can be far worse than injuries sustained in a collision involving two cars. Any vehicle accident can be serious or even fatal, but when a bicyclist is hit by a fast moving car, the result can be catastrophic for the bike rider. If this describes your circumstances, contact our bicycle accident lawyer at Cohen & Cohen without delay. We can help you recover your damages caused by the negligent motor vehicle driver.

If you sustained one or more serious injuries, you should strongly consider hiring a legal representative to make sure that you collect the maximum amount of compensation possible in order to pay for the medical treatment you need. If you delay receiving treatment of any kind, it can cost you in the long term as far as your health is concerned. Allow our bicycle accident lawyer to help you recover your damages and your health from your accident in Rockville, MD.

The Right to Compensation

When a bicycle rider is hit and subsequently injured by a careless or negligent car or truck driver, they will very likely qualify for compensation from the driver’s insurance company. However, the insurance company will require documentation and proof of the accident. They will also require proof of the resulting injury or injuries. Further, they will require proof of your injury’s severity and that it was caused by the collision with their client’s vehicle. All of this documentation and proof can be difficult for a victim to provide, particularly while they are incapacitated due to their injury.

Your right to compensation can be secured with the help of our bicycle accident lawyer who is familiar with Rockville, MD courts at Cohen & Cohen Call us today for a free consultation during which you can find out more about how we can help you, based on the circumstances of your accident and resulting injury.

Compensatory Damages

As the victim of a bicycle accident who is suffering from a serious injury, you may not be aware of what damages can be included in an injury claim. Because the circumstances vary from one situation to the next, your bicycle accident lawyer will need to hear an account of what happened in the aftermath of the collision.

Your bicycle accident lawyer will also need to review your injury prognosis and initial diagnosis, as well. This will provide insight into the medical treatment you have already received as well as what you may need in the immediate and distant future. With this information, your bicycle accident lawyer for your Rockville, MD case from Cohen & Cohen can ascertain what costs you have already incurred due to your injury, and what costs you may suffer in the future. All of these costs can be included in your claim.

There are additional considerations as well. For instance, if you need long term care for your recovery, you may require modifications to your home such as a wheelchair ramp. Our bicycle accident lawyer has the necessary experience to anticipate and identify likely damages that will result from your injury. When you are represented by Cohen & Cohen, you can feel confident that your best interests will be protected.

Contact the Law Firm That Fully Protects Their Clients

If you were injured while riding your bicycle, call us to learn how we might be able to help you collect compensation from the negligent motorist. Contact us without delay to schedule a free consultation with a skilled bicycle accident lawyer. For a highly rated Rockville, MD bicycle accident lawyer who is experienced with successfully defending the rights of injured people, contact Cohen & Cohen, today.

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