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Home Builder Sued for Christiana Tornado Deaths

Home Builder Sued for Christiana Tornado Deaths

Date07 Feb 2019

Builder of Home Sued for Christiana Tornado Deaths

WGNS Radio President Scott Walker has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Ralph Baxter Construction, LLC, the company that built his family’s home, which was destroyed in a tornado last November.

Scott’s wife, Angie Walker, and daughter Olivia were in the house when the tornado hit. Angie died and Olivia suffered injuries.

Scott said in the lawsuit that if the home’s anchor bolts were properly embedded in the concrete footings, his wife would have survived.

“The Walker family had no reason to believe that Baxter Construction constructed the home without properly anchoring it,” the lawsuit said.

“Our family moved into that home excited. Less than one year later, my wife is killed and my children devastated. A home should not be able to be lifted off its foundation and flipped 100 feet away from where it was built,” Scott said.

The lawsuit adds that Angela didn’t just have to suffer her house being flipped around her, but also worrying about where her daughter was in the home during the tornado.

Olivia suffered minor injuries during the tornado and was able to get out of the house.

“Angela Walker was a beloved mother, wife, and member of our community. We believe her death should not have happened in this storm and would not have happened if the house had been properly constructed,” said Mary Beth Hagan, attorney for the Walker family.

Scott is seeking more than $25,000 for the wrongful death of Angela, over $25,000 for Olivia’s emotional distress and injuries and over $25,000 for his own emotional distress.


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