Do You Need a Lawyer for Your Reston, VA Workers Compensation Benefits Claim?

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Workers Compensation Lawyer Reston, VA

Do You Need a Lawyer for Your Reston, VA Workers Compensation Benefits ClaimIf you have a workers compensation claim and your employer does not have insurance or denied your claim, it may be time to discuss your situation with a reliable workers compensation lawyer Reston, VA workers recommend.

Workers compensation programs were created with the intention to provide certain benefits to employees who sustained injuries or became ill because of their job. Examples of workers compensation benefits include medical care, wage replacement, vocational rehabilitation, and other things to help workers with valid workers compensation claims.

In this article we delve into workers compensation benefits a little further but keep in mind, only a workers compensation lawyer who is licensed to work in Reston and throughout VA is qualified to give you legal advice about your claim in Reston.

Reporting Accidents Immediately

If you were to suffer an accident while at work, you should always report the incident to your employer immediately.

Some employees may wait to see if the injury gets worse before reporting it. This may hinder your claim approval odds if you did not address the injury promptly.

It is also possible that an employer may not treat a workers compensation benefits application with proper attention and care.

To find out what the specific requirements are in your Reston claim, talk to a reputable workers compensation lawyer who is licensed to help VA workers.

Mishandling of Claim

Despite the positive intentions of a workers benefits program, there may be instances where an employer attempts to discourage a worker from filing a claim. This may be particularly true for injuries or illnesses that are costly and long-term. An employer may be pressured to save the company money by fumbling with the employee’s claim. If any of the following red flags apply to your Reston, VA claim, we highly recommend meeting with a workers compensation lawyer at Cohen & Cohen right away. Here are just a few signs that your employer may not be treating your claim with due diligence:

  • Your employer makes subtle hints that you should not file a claim
  • Your employer is late turning in the workers compensation paperwork, or forgot to submit it entirely
  • Your employer does not keep you updated on the status of your application
  • Your employer minimizes the symptoms you are experiencing related to the work injury or illness
  • Your employer has changed your job duties or relocated you to another department since filing a workers compensation claim

If any of the above have happened to you or if you feel like you have been wronged in other ways, discussing your situation with a workers compensation lawyer who is familiar with Reston, VA courts and judges, may help you to make more informed decisions on what you should do next.

Examples of Injuries Not Covered

Workers may be eligible for benefits regardless of who was at-fault for the accident, with a couple exceptions. A worker may be denied coverage if they caused the injury or illness intentionally, or was under the influence of alcohol or drugs when the accident happened. Other reasons for a denial of workers compensation application can include:

  • The injuries were caused as a result of the worker committing a crime
  • The injuries did not occur while on the job site, or while on the clock
  • The employee violated a company policy when the accident occurred

The information in this article is not intended as legal advice. To find out how VA laws may affect your Reston workers compensation claim, contact a lawyer who is experienced with successfully defending the rights of Virginia workers.

Hiring an Attorney

At Cohen & Cohen, our team of lawyers has been dedicated to protecting the rights of workers since starting our firm over 25 years ago. We understand that a mishandling of your claim can have a negative effect on your approval odds for benefits. It is not required that you hire a lawyer regarding your claim but it is advisable to consult with one if you feel that something about your application process did not feel right. The process behind workers compensation benefits can be tricky, so it can help to have a legal professional on your side.

For a highly rated workers compensation lawyer Reston, VA workers and their families can rely on, contact Cohen & Cohen for a free case evaluation with no obligations.

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