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Mari alleged that 50 reposted graphic video and obscene photo without her consent to his Instagram followers.

DC False Allegation Lawyer go over Teairra Mari Lawsuit Against 50 cents

Date18 Feb 2019

False Allegation Lawyer Washington DCFalse Allegation Lawyer Washington DC

Love & Hip-Hop Hollywood star Teairra Mari found that she had to pony up more than 50 cents when a judge ordered her to pay 50 Cent more than $30,000 in attorney fees after her revenge porn lawsuit against the rapper and ex-boyfriend, Akbar Abdul-Ahad, was dismissed on Jan. 11, 2019.

Lawyers for 50 Cent argued that Mari should have to cover his entire $161,660.15 legal bill, but instead the judge ordered her to pay $30,618.

Initially, the reality star sued 50, whose real name is Curtis Jackson, and her ex, after Abdul-Ahad posted explicit images of her on social media in May 2018 allegedly in retaliation for her ending the relationship. In the lawsuit, Mari alleged that Abdul-Ahad went into her Instagram account and posted the graphic video and obscene photo without her consent. Subsequently, 50 reposted the clip to his 18 million Instagram followers.

Mari said in her lawsuit against 50 Cent, that the rapper encouraged fans to hurt her when he captioned his post with the phrase “get the strap.” Jackson denied allegations of intending to incite violence and maintained that he was within his legal right to repost the video because by the time he posted it, it was widely available on the Internet.

Days after the incident, Mari and her lawyer Lisa Bloom announced their intention to file lawsuits against the men at a press conference on May 17, 2018.

“He had my Instagram password, so he posted them on my Instagram to make me look terrible,” Marí said at the conference. “Of course, I was horrified.”

The image, which showed a photo of the singer with semen all over her face, was eventually removed from the social media platform.

On June 14, 2018, a judge denied the starlet the restraining order filed against Jackson so that he and Abdul-Ahad could no longer share the photo.

In a press conference later, Bloom claimed that the judge denied the motion “because she was not convinced that the photo 50 Cent posted, with ejaculate on our client’s face, showed her ‘engaged’ in a sexual act.”

In regards to revenge porn law, the attorney added, “Common sense dictates that photo of a woman with ejaculate on her face clearly depicts a sex act, and is the kind of humiliation the revenge porn law was designed to ban.”

A part of the case was played out for viewers on Love & Hip-Hop Hollywood.

Meanwhile, Mari’s claims against Abdul-Ahad have yet to be decided upon in court.

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