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Can Workers Compensation Lawyers Help You to get Compensation for the Costs of a Companion Dog in Virginia?

VA Workers Compensation Lawyers

Can Workers Compensation Lawyers Help You to get Compensation for the Costs of a Companion Dog in VirginiaIf you need a companion dog as the result of a work related injury or illness in Virginia, VA workers compensation lawyers may be able to help you seek compensation for these, and other costs related to your problems that were caused by work.

If you have been injured at work and as a result now suffer from chronic pain, the consequences of this injury may go beyond the pain itself, leading to depression. These conditions may become so severe that they impair your productivity at work and could even lead to being unable to work.

Many people turn to prescription drugs to cope with their pain and depression. Addiction to these drugs is now a serious problem in this country and one of the many reasons people seek alternative treatments and ways to deal with their pain and depression.

One alternative to help handle the depression caused by a workplace injury and inability to perform your job as you once were, is to adopt a companion animal.

If you are suffering from depression resulting from a work-related injury, VA workers compensation lawyers may be able to help you with an personal injury claim that seeks compensation for a companion animal.

Is a Companion Animal the Same as a Service Animal?

Service animals are highly trained to perform specific tasks for someone with specific issues, such as dogs trained to help the seeing impaired, those who suffer from seizures or diabetes, or even for protection. Companion animals, usually dogs, are obtained strictly for companionship and are not as highly trained as service animals. Any breed of dog can be a companion dog. These dogs are used to help reduce stress and depression by offering comfort to people who are suffering.

Because companion animals help people, it may be possible to hold the party (or parties) whose negligence caused a work related injury liable for the costs of a companion animal. Many people recommend doing this with the help of compassionate VA workers compensation lawyers who are familiar with Virginia courts and judges.

How Dogs Assist People Suffering from Depression Caused by Chronic Pain

  • Dogs are a fantastic alternative to anti-depression medications, which can have addictive properties and unwanted side effects. Dogs offer unconditional love, meaning they will be loyal and love you no matter what the circumstances. The comfort and affection they offer can often motivate individuals to face the day with less anxiety or depression. Because they offer constant companionship, their owners may feel less lonely.
  • The companion dog can also help because it gives the once depressed person responsibility. The dog must be fed and cared for, giving purpose to a depressed individual who previously may not have felt like they were needed or able to contribute.

If you or someone you love is suffering from depression because of a work related injury or illness, it may be in your best interest to discuss your situation and needs with compassionate VA workers compensation lawyers.

  • A companion dog can help those suffering from panic attacks because dogs can sense the symptoms of an oncoming attack and comfort its owner. The companion dog can sense when strangers are approaching and will take measures to protect their owner companions from the strangers approaching them (sometimes merely leaning against the owner will offer a sense of safety).
  • A dog is a great way to connect with other people. While walking your dog, you are likely to meet other dog walkers. These interactions may possibly lead you to make new friends, which can improve your emotional health.

What Breeds are Best for Helping Treat Depression?

Dogs are the most affectionate and loyal of all animals and the best for treating depression. In addition, some breeds, because of their personality traits, are better suited for companion dogs. These breeds include labs, golden retrievers, pugs, and Yorkshire terriers.

Adopting a rescue animal, when vetted correctly, can prove to be a loyal friend and protector. Knowing that you saved a dog from an unknown future can also provide a depressed person with a sense of purpose and accomplishment.

If you or someone you love has been able to find comfort in a companion animal after suffering from a work related injury or illness, discussing what your rights are with lawyers who are experienced with successfully defending the rights of injured people, may help you to determine whether or not you should pursue a claim for compensation for these costs.

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